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Word to your Motha! So, I resurfaced that stupid argument in the dark and dank DVD Dungeon, so go scope it out, and watch as im put in my place. See who walked away from it and why it got quiet. Daphne, why did you never respond to my plea for love Internet love?
red posted in the forum: Your DVD Collection
Well, Carl says he schooled me on this site, so go ahead, read, laugh, and applaud Carl's effort...
red posted in the forum: Good Movie...
how can you break out of mediocrity when you havent done any work?
red posted in the forum: Good Movie...
Can you really call a person's first movie their "breakout role?" Thats the case here with Norton...Anyway, also with Norton, and with a twist (but im sure youve seen it): Fight Club.
red posted in the forum: What's your latest purchase?
Soon...NOT YET....but soon..."Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns." Better be A-mazing, I swear...November is right around the corner...
red posted in the forum: Kill Bill
What does any of this have to do with a sh*t collection of DVDs???
red posted in the forum: The birth of your DVD collection.
The Hurricane
red posted in the forum: Kill Bill
What the "H"? Yeah, I really felt like you swept my legs out from under me with posts like, "Shut up stupid. Im a true critic. I like Casablanca. Use Paragraphs." And the follow-up, a little poster for your fans to laugh at, stating, "youre a f*g."
red posted in the forum: Kill Bill
I see you didn't meet Red before I put him in his place then. :wink:

Sorry, been gone for a while, went to see Simon & Garfunkel in Cleveland so I havent had a chance to respond to ridiculousness...but, I seem to have a lapse in memory. Dont really remember being "put in my place."

Back to the concert. If any of you guys have a chance to go, do it. In a word:
red posted in the forum: Kill Bill
I didnt ask someone to write a bad review for the sake of writing one, what I was saying was that there is a lack of variety of reviewers on the site. I rarely see differing reviews..
red posted in the forum: Kill Bill
For a movie that got mixed-reviews, it would be nice to see that your site reflect that. The movie is reviewed four times on this site, and theyre all the same. This is not a universally accepted film, ask Michael Medved, a critic who panned it. Yet, as mentioned, all four reviews hail it as a brilliant triumph.
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You can't make a sh*t film like the Matrix Reloaded and expect me to see the follow up just because it sports the "Matrix" brand.
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Stupid me again, but isnt typecasting something that concerns an actor more than a director? Yeah, it is. An actor doesnt want to get pigeonholed into a certain type of role, but a director or producer wouldnt care as long as they can play the role well.
red posted in the forum: The Rundown
Yes ClarkParker, respond and let me know how foolish I am. Teach me a lesson.
red posted in the forum: The Rundown
Four out of Five?? Get real. You fanboys make me sick. Sure, there was some stuff in here I had never seen before in an action film, and it was mildly funny, but lets get off the Roger Ebert bandwagon by not loving every film. My eyes can only be fixated for so long on pointless action until they begin to glaze over. Sure, if I was a thirteen year old boy, I'd be leaving the theater karate chopping my brother and elbow-dropping my sister, but alas, I am an adult, and while I can still be somewhat entertained and amused by such films, Im a little above this.

Rosario Dawson was weak, just as in all her roles. You want the number one reason not to see the 25th Hour? Rosario, please step forward. But soon she will sink into obscurity with the rest of her Josie castmates and be starring in the direct-to-video sequel (thank God I didnt toss my cat ears).

And how can one state that Stifler was great here? He played his sarcastic, obnoxious schitck, and had the opportunity to be a punching bag for The Rock. He didn't do anything I havent seen him do a million times before. Hey, Sean, I think there's a seat waiting for you next to Dawson in unemployment.

What is there to say about Cristopher Walken that hasn't been said about him already? He is an a-mazing actor and a magnet for the audience. Anytime he walks on-screen, he is the immediate focus of attention, whether he is spouting off some ridiculous monologue about the tooth fairy or making references to WIlly Wonka.

Alas, we reach the Rock, the other highpoint of the film. He fits the action hero image to a T, and maybe adds to it some with his comprehensible english (thats a first) and shadow of charisma.

2 Stars out of 4 for its originality in a stale genre and a couple of nice performances.
Yes, Quite rich indeed. Now excuse me while I sh*t myself.
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And what do all of those films have in common? Sam Jackson being an angry black man. Im sick of him. Look at black actors with real talent like Morgan Freeman or Denzel. They have some range, something that Jackson is foreign to. He only plays himself.
How nerdy is this? This is the hot debate on the board? Damn you all and your fascination with sci/fi and anime!!
red posted in the forum: Matchstick Men
I enjoyed this movie quite a bit, but the final half-an-hour, it ran dry. It started out with Cage doing his OCD, tweeked-out schtick, which was great, and had to be tailor-made for him. His relationship with Rockwell's character was pretty unique and the chemistry was definitely there, and once the addition of his daughter in Lohman made itself present, the story quickly shifted focus towards that and all but setting Rockwell on the backburner. Thankfully, this was just as intriguing but soon went down the path all expects it to. Its all but inevitable that the rebelious daughter makes Cage want to change his ways as he grows attached and realizes how irresponsible he has been. Soon after the movie tries to be too smart and throws in the predictable twist I was hoping wouldnt be the case. But all is tied up neatly in a sickening and contrived fashion. The movie felt very much like "Catch Me if You Can," and in more ways than in the way each dealt with a likeable con-"artist". Each had that style of shooting that tipped its hat to an era of ole. See you clowns later. (I hope you like the lack of paragraphs, Carl, but its a friggin' message board). *** / ****.
red posted in the forum: movies that sucks... ^_^;
Nurse Betty was a brilliant film with incredible performances from all. That is all twit, that is all.


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