Silent House

"Sh*t your pants scary, tense, gripping, a film that is no holds barred and intriguingly unique with its movement and usage of lens and dolly's."
Rated-X gave it 4.5 Stars

Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life

"As is all Herzogs, compassionate to some, never degrading, he's trying to get this question across, a question multilayered that yes it is presumably not multi layered except it's a subject and cause that is multi dimensionally questionably questionable."
Rated-X gave it 5.0 Stars


"Love it for what it is, a Ken Russell picture gone overboard- though it being his least Russell conventional prosaic mad."
Rated-X gave it 4.0 Stars


"Meh, simple, unoriginal, tiresome, yawn inducing, JOSEPH GILGUN the highlight and whom kept me seated."
Rated-X gave it 2.0 Stars

The Cabin in the Woods

"The clichés and usual charade of horror is not merely regurgitated and spat out and crafted more informally here in Cabin In The Woods, a film that is one big spoiler on its own a film in the whole that is both baffling, ridiculously odd, bizarre, but un"
Rated-X gave it 3.0 Stars

Colin DVD

"Extraordinarily engaging, often frantic, often slow, often disorientating, but overall a lavish looking low, low low budget gem that is for all reasons a keepsake."
Rated-X gave it 4.0 Stars

Diary of the Dead

"George seems to let this one roll, and roll it does and funnily enough it never leaves the path, its always straight on that right path."
Rated-X gave it 4.0 Stars

Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth DVD

"Great for an awful watch and an easy laugh, Great for the ordinary horror fan whom has no taste and just blunders in the idea he's a horror fan hence he watches crappy straight to DVD sequels and mcguffin like this or horror fans will watch to hate."
Rated-X gave it 2.0 Stars

Hellbound: Hellraiser II DVD

"An artistically artistic mess."
Rated-X gave it 3.0 Stars

Hellraiser DVD

"A Masterpiece of the highest order in horror*"
Rated-X gave it 5.0 Stars