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I want to see a trailer. Why is it taking so long to come out.
As long as James Cameron has anything to do with it I am HAPPY.
The script, the casting, the direction was in T1 and T2 and not T3. So as far Conan the remake it didn't even have what the original have and that is good script good casting and direction like I said
Compare the Terminator movies for instance. T1 and T2 compared to T3. Wrong casting in who played John Conner in the film Nick Stahl. He didn't have the look to be no leader at all. 1st there should have been a sex appeal about that role. Not to judge he is UGLY and looks like a whim and John Conner is no whimp. Look at T2 older John Conner in the beginning, he looks like a leader of the resistance and tough. Everything was in place
Jason Mamoa had a good attitude in the movie but with no direction how to suit him in. Meaning no direction at all. BAD SCRIPT, WRONG CASTING, NO DIRECTION
The remake had a bad script with wrong casting such as conan's dad played by HELL BOY. And a villain who does t even look intimidating at all. When remaking a movie i suggest the movie people should really consider in bringing in new talent that fits the part and NOT just people who is trying to cash in on the name. JASON Mamoa should have gotten bulkier in that movie such as the actors who played the Spartans in the movie 300
Xenon, what are you so UPSET about really. If you are a 42 year old actor thenI suggest you SHOW some CLASS. don't get ANGRY at which movie is better, and who you hate. Jason Mamoa is an okay actor and for that remake of CONAN is an okay movie, but compared to the original veraion. NO COMPArison
You know what's weird is that HOLLYWOOD has been trying to get the public to like this guy as a geat actor, and as a person who is so HANDSOME IN THEIR EYES RIGHT, WELL GUESS WHAT hollywood, "Who gives a CRAP about htis guy". He sucks as an actor, he's stupid looking, and he isn't sh*t, and will NEVER be sh*t, PERIOD. What don't you UNDERSTAND hollywood. We don't give a sh*t about how many people that likes this guy and that are HOPING he will shock the world with a performance. Sorry KUTCHER fans, but the world has made up their minds by saying the words of the GREAT Tony Montana, "F*ck Him!!!" Okay F*ck this guy, he can stick his head up a toliet, okay." He is a C*ckaroach, nothing more."
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Man this looks awesome, let's see a trailer...
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This cool, can't WAIT to see the rest of the drawings.
I remember when James Cameron did say in an interview that he is DONE with the Terminator. He expressed the disliking of what they did with the TERMINATOR. I know he was talking about T3 which was CRAP. James would have NEVER even looked at Nick Stahl's direction to play John Conner in T3, and the script was TERRIBLE. The entrance of the TERMINATOR alone was CRAP. The humor was Crap, the walking into a strip joint was crap, and the F*get Glasses he put on was crap. The TERMINATOR is a SERIOUS cyborg with one thing on his chip. It is to PROTECT John Conner, and if you happen to get in his way, he will TERMINATE or BREAK you with force, "PLAIN and SIMPLE." T3 made the Terminator look like he wasn't all that interesting anymore.
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Zeus, I will say it again, he only did 2 RIDDICK films, what are you talking about. And yes we do like to see him play the RIDDICK character over and over again until he hit's 70 years old, you know why.? Because there is a lot of story to tell and a WHOLE lot of action RIDDICK brings and he is DIFFERENT than any other character we have EVER seen in the theaters, so there. Sorry for biting your head a little bit with my language just didn't like what you said. I do UNDERSTAND the other movies he made was CRAP, that's because he is an action star.
This should be INTERESTING, if you can't get Arnold for the role of the TERMINATOR, then yeah I suggest, digitize him to make him look like his prime, and just use his voice. Sounds like a PLAN to me. James Cameron should come back and start off where he left from T2, and start this movie from there. That way he can shut off the T3 franchise out of the way, and put HIS vision into it. I still CAN'T believe they hired NICK STAHL as John CONNER in T3. He was a cry baby through the whole film. His acting SUCKED big time, and he didn't even look like a leader even when they try to age him in the future. BIG ASS HEAD screaming "YEAH!" That f*get put a bad taste in the T3 trilogy IMO. Come back James and CLEAN all this up PLEASE. Terminator Salvation was better than T3, but that's it.
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Hey ZEUS, what the HELL are you talking about, the only movies he made over and over again is the Fast and the Furious franchise. DON'T try to talk sh*t about LETTING it GO, because we FANS been waiting PATIENTLY for another RIDDICK film. Pitch Black was GOOD, and the Chronicles was something DIFFERENT and it made it more INTERESTING to the RIDDICK character. It may not have made a big hit in the THEATERS, but the DVD's extended sales was PHENOMINAL, and those sales saved the Riddick franchise, and that is what made David Twowy or what ever his name is, decide to team up with Vin to make another movie of Riddick. So there is the FACTS, and SHUT your mouth about telling VIN to let it go.
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RIP man, may GOD welcome you in his kingdom...
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Looks real GOOD, about time..
Looks a little interesting...IDK
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HURRY UP and make this movie already, Vin can't stay young forever... Make 2 more sequels back to back with this too...
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This is going to be EPIC IMO..
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that was awesome


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