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Great cast. I'm pumped for this.
Such a bummer. What an amazing show that deserves some closure. Make it happen, HBO!
Raoul Duke wrote a comment about the news item Will Drax Play a Significant Role in Avengers 3?
Mayhaps killing Thanos?
@thedude-abides Well said.
Didn't he get canned as director?
"Ant Man backwards is 'Man Tan'...wait, no..."

Lmao, god I love you Gordon Gekko.
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It'd be rad if the video worked.
F*ck, he's going to be such an old grizzled badass Jedi.
@Brizzy He almost pulled a Sandor.
Beautiful. Gory. Zombie kicks ass.
Holy sh*t. Inspired casting.
Get better, Han! The Galaxy needs you!
Looks trippy.
Still not buying the whole "start-up" gimmick. It just feels like Lexcorp had a much larger presence in MoS, with Lexcorp plastered across buildings and delivery trucks and all sorts of inundation going on. My guess is that this is some sort of outside Metropolis R&D site maybe.
It takes more than a fire truck to stop Drop Dead Fred!
Viggo or bust.
High hopes. This makes my giny tingle.
Well, considering Marvel is on 9 going on 10 with no end date in sight, I'd say 7 is a light load.