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Holy sh*t. Inspired casting.
Get better, Han! The Galaxy needs you!
Looks trippy.
Still not buying the whole "start-up" gimmick. It just feels like Lexcorp had a much larger presence in MoS, with Lexcorp plastered across buildings and delivery trucks and all sorts of inundation going on. My guess is that this is some sort of outside Metropolis R&D site maybe.
It takes more than a fire truck to stop Drop Dead Fred!
Viggo or bust.
High hopes. This makes my giny tingle.
Well, considering Marvel is on 9 going on 10 with no end date in sight, I'd say 7 is a light load.
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@bane5000 Why do you think they call him Rocket?

So pumped for this. Marvel is taking over the world!
Beautiful thing. He won't be disappointed. Winter Soldier was amazing. Almost as amazing as Sam Jackson's DirectTV hat.
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Looks like the Batman Inc. grey and black. Wow, that looks really good. Pumped on the Batmobile too. Feeling optimistic.
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So sad. Thanks for everything, Giger. Especially the nightmares.
I smell The Death of Han Solo.
Well, it's happening. Let's just hope for the best. Even with The Green Hornet as a blemish, I could think of worse showrunners. At least they have a passion for what Ennis and Dillon did.
That was the mobbest kick flip ever, Mikey. You gotta flick it.

Splinter spinning the sword looked on point. Other than that, not too excited about this.
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Of course he does. He hasn't done anything of note since Joe Dirt. Get the man a paycheck.
Goonies never say die.
Lmao. So much love for this sh*te. Just an attempt at cashing in on what LOTR did years ago. So sad.
Out of the frying pan, and into the fire. Too bad these movies are dog sh*t. Even a new title can't save this painted whor* of a trilogy.