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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Official Review is up, if interested.
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Hey Rama's Screen. How's it been going? Still on MW huh? Anyways, I know you stay busy with your website and all, but I just wanted to let you know that a few of us regular users from the old Movieweb have gotten together on Windows Live Messenger (an IM client, used to be MSN Mesenger), we are using it to stay in touch and talk movies, comics, and whatever else. We have created a Windows Live Group on there and can all talk to each other at once in one window. We are trying to get more of the original "main" users to join the circle, and we'd be honored if you joined us. Anyway if you wanted to, it's really easy. You would just go to and click "Get Messenger." After that, I could send you the Group Invite and you can join us. If you wanted to.

Alright have a good one RamasSCREEN.
  • Thanks for the invite, CBF.. I'll take it into consideration... take care
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Rama's SCREEN we need you back on MW...
  • Why?? Something wrong??
  • LOL no. Guess I'm overreacting. I just see that a lot of regular users have left Movieweb, since the site has switched over to the new layout. Thought you were one of 'em, since your last activity was a while ago. The problem is, most of us "top" users are leaving, and the site is being swarmed by these new users, who are disrespecting the site. Just thought you left, man. Good to know you're still here.
  • Actually,.. I don't mean to break the bad news.. but I've left Movieweb a long time ago... even before those disrespecting newcomers arrived..
    I love Movieweb but I'm too busy movie-blogging for my own website
    so sorry my friend..
    if you need me,.. just visit my website Rama's SCREEN : )