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Come on now, a remake of Fright Night! Hollywood has reached rock bottom. They sure know how to screw up a classic.
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I'm not feeling the current selection of super hero movies due out this year. Maybe I'm just not seeing anything new or a fresh idea. This is coming from someone who collected a crap load of comics as a kid. I really think most of Hollywood has lost it's creativity, when it comes to these movies.
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Qajit wrote a comment about the news item 2 New Images of Jason Momoa as Conan!
Not another Conan movie! My friends do you see the trends of Sequels and Remakes? Hollywood has lost it's way. How about something original once in awhile?
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I would watch that on dvd with a few beers, laughing my butt off.
Hollywood has ran out of ideas for orignal movie. Think for a moment about all the sequels and remakes over the last ten years. Ever go see a movie that reminds of one that's similar. The movie producers and execs. thinks the public are idiots. Clash of Titans and Nightmare on Elm Street are perfect examples. The movie execs. want hit your wallets with their redone material. Maybe someone on the inside will take notice from folks on some of these movie blogs sites.


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