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thanks for the info mate , but i would prefer for atleast one bond film to be made in my beloved country australia , its awlays in europe or asia or usa what about us aussies we have some lovely counrty here , thats my thoughts anyways .
well either way its nice to see them out on bluray . im just hanging out for jaws to be on bluray
yes im an aussie Summit10 and proud of it lol
that is just a DUMB idea ...pun intended
great review for a great film this is one of my personal faves ,
Ps2fatboy wrote a comment about the movie Resident Evil: Retribution
the 3d in the last film was pretty good
i do like the movies but i would like this franchise to take on a different direction and be a bit more loyal to the actual game, as to thats why we watch them in the first place,
this is a really good show
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nice review i just saw this and was impressed with it,great movie remined of early 80s feel the way it was filmed and scored.
i just hope this is better than the first one ,
Ps2fatboy wrote a comment about the news item Ben Affleck to Direct The Stand
if he directs this im sure he will do a fine job, gone baby gone and the town were very good i prefer him as a director than actor .
rowan atkinson is great i just wish he did more on screen,but i welcome this movie and hope to see more ,
Ps2fatboy wrote a comment about the news item Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings Trailer
i just watched this and i will say that its better than the 3rd one but not as good as one and two, the hospital set is what saved this movie very creepy place to be in when cannibal rednecks want to eat your liver..
Ps2fatboy wrote a comment about the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon
well the first 40 mins or so was like ??? then the action began and i remebered why i went to see this lol
Ps2fatboy wrote a comment about the movie Captain America: The First Avenger
i enjoyed this movie
Ps2fatboy wrote a comment about Hellraiser: Revelations DVD
i watched 5 minutes of this then turned it off ,no doug bradley as pin head ,big pile of crap ,no acting or story just dog puke.
nice work
f*ck cgi/ bring on the make up masters back .....