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He's always had a love-hate relationship with the movie because of the enormous thrust into the limelight he got at the time. I bet if it was 'Gilbert Grape' or 'The Basketball Diaries' or 'This Boy's Life', he'd probably be more amenable to helping promote those again.
Someone who doesn't understand the art, artistry, and hard work of acting.
Have to be honest, while I like the individual actors, I don't care for any of the casting of this film so far.
I like Cooper but he is no Lex Luthor.
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Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Marvel's the Avengers Full Plot Details Revealed
"The Redacted" sounds like tongue-in-cheek production speak. It's too bad Marvel whor*d out some of their properties and are left with a situation like this where they aren't able to use names from their own material.
@slysnide @ROFLitschristian They had a press release this morning with the updated title ("3D"). Though, they've been referring to it as 'Marvel's The Avengers' in the trades and industry correspondence for a few months now.
Then why not film in 3D, Joss? Absolutely no reason to convert this, especially when the format is still trending downward in comparison to simultaneous 2D releases.
Never gonna happen.
Hey, they finally released the 'V' commemorative PEZ from 1984. Rad!
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Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Clip
Gritty feel is what the first movie was sadly lacking. Unfortunately, Neveldine/Taylor's pure insistence on consumer HD video rather professional gives this thing a cheap look not a gritty one. Might actually turn out to be worse than MSJ's misfire.

After his return and capture in 'The Dark Knight', there really wasn't much more that needed to be said of his character.
Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Mass Effect Movie Will Not Follow the Game Story
I get the idea behind this and I don't necessarily disagree with it outright. The story was one of the most engaging aspects of the first game, though, and it seems a shame to jettison that.
I don't get how with Batman starring in 4 different books in the "New 52", not to mention appearing in 'Justice League' and the 11 books in total of the entire Bat-family, how Uslan's comment specifically singles out 'Batman and Robin' as the book that will inform the next movie or a TV series.
New suit looks awful and red trunks would go a long way toward making it look better. But not the cut used in the second pic above.
Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Lone Ranger Budget Toppled by Werewolves!
Wow. If this is true, thank Jeebus they pulled the plug on it. Werewolves in 'Lone Ranger'?!?! I can just hear the committee thinking through that one.
@ROFLitschristian I think it's the suit, sure. But I think she'll add the proper cowl to it too. Hathaway herself has said that the official pic and all of these set pics don't show off the suit fully.
Why does everyone keep saying the Batpod has been redesigned in this movie? It looks exactly the same.

As for the Catwoman-ness, it will come. Have a strong feeling this is prior to her donning the cowl and the title.

And I can't wait to see the new Batwing/Jet/Jumper in action.


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