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I don't think I expected her to be in make-up, either.

And I'm digging the Nova Corps outfits. Heard complaints about them but they feel like space cops to me.
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Just ambiguous enough to not be held accountable when the movie doesn't surface in the next two years.
Falcon and Winter Soldier concept art look fantastic. And it looks like Cap's new suit kind of backtracks to a cross between his new suit and his old, leaning some on the Ultimates version.

And Asgardian Jane Foster looks good.
This thing is going to be the space opera that WB/DCE only wished Green Lantern could've been. This is looking terrific.
@Titon 'Tokyo Drift' still takes place at "the end" of all the other stories. Though, it's also likely they that finally end up considering 'TD' not officially part of the canon of the series.
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18 months to start on page 1? Better be the greatest screenplay ever written. ;-)
@justatadmatt I'm sure the glasses will pop up in the movie.

The Superman suit still looks awful but Cavill looks good in a business suit.
Cuaron doing a SW film is much more interesting than Abrams doing one.
The headline is misleading. Hamill says he'd want to make sure everyone was back if he committed to it. Basically, he only confirms that he's in talks, and so-far limited ones at that.

Rumors are that Fisher has been in talks, which wouldn't be surprising, given how often she associates with everyone involved, Abrams aside. Still awaiting official confirmation on the Ford rumor because he would seem to be the most likely holdout. Williams and Daniels would both likely jump on quickly if and when approached.
This sounds fantastically cool. Now, this is how you go about being inventive with the whole remake/reboot trend.
@Zak-Lee-Ferguson Sorry, I don't agree. I think his 'John Carter' score was one of last year's most underrated and ignored. And I'm interested to know what he supposedly ripped off for it. Unlike his terrific 'The Incredibles' score, which is very clearly modeled after John Barry's work.
All due respect to Giacchino, truly becoming a strong musical voice in film, but if you have the choice to have Williams do your Star Wars movie there is no choice.
The kid does look a lot like a young Harrison Ford. His voice isn't that far off either. His line readings weren't that great, though, which if you're trying to do an impression doesn't bode well for his ability. Sounds like this was just someone having some fun online a few years ago. Probably looks nothing like this anymore.
There's a difference between something that you can watch as a family and a "family show." 'The Avengers' was a movie that you could watch as a family but one could hardly call it a family movie. I'd expect something similar with the S.H.I.E.L.D.
I really hope it's nothing like 'Chronicle' except for the focus on character.
Well, at least it'll be something relatively different. :-|
Gawd, that is ugly.
As long as MJ isn't the love interest in Part 3 and the connection between her and Peter is their reaction to Gwen's death as friends. For the importance of Gwen in this particular storyline, it would seem cheap to put Pete and MJ together. They can always go to a part 4 and show the growing feelings between those two, if they so need.
Such high hopes for this group. (And no, no pun intended.) Really never came to fruition. Now they're all about doing sequels to earlier films. Too bad.

Well, at least, they aren't involved in any more Dukes of Hazzard desecration.
@superman81 I think you'll start to see that in Phase 3. I have a feeling that it'll be longer than 3 years between 'The Avengers 2' and a supposed 'Avengers 3'. I think they'll spend that time developing new characters in addition to giving us more of the established characters.


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