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@instead8909 That's rumor not fact.
Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Bourne 5 Won't Bring Damon and Renner Together
Aaron Cross needs another film on his own before doing a crossover with Bourne. Make these next two movies and then do a crossover after.
Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Edgar Wright Loses Ant-Man Script Credit
@renodc The script that Wright and Cornish wrote back in 2001 wasn't quite the same script that they were going to shoot with. They were still working on rewrites up until Wright quit the film. That's fairly common practice.

As for Rudd, he signed on because he wanted to work with Wright and was as surprised as everyone that Wright left. Marvel brought in McKay to work on the script and because they'd worked together in the past McKay and Rudd rewrote it together.
Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Constantine in Jeopardy as NBC Stops Production
People seem to be neglecting the other part of the story, which is the most obvious reason for Constantine to stop production. Hannibal is set to air in the timeslot in the spring. It really only makes logistical sense to cap the first season at 13 episodes. The fact that the ratings have improved each week after the initial drop in the second week, is likely more than making a case to keep the show around for a second season.
They didn't explicitly say he wouldn't be able to shrink. Just that they likely wouldn't feature that ability on 'Arrow.' There's the possibility, though, that Palmer could find his way over to 'The Flash,' or possibly other spinoffs, which would allow him to use such abilities.
Technically, in Norse mythology, Ragnarok was an apocalyptic event that destroyed everything that existing for it all to start anew. There wasn't just one single Ragnarok. It was cyclical.
I still see this as a case of Norton getting his feathers ruffled over the creative control that Feige and company imposed upon the film, Norton wanting a big figure to come back after they had a pretty antagonistic time for a bit there, Feige and Marvel holding their ground, and then the studio finally saying they'd rather be involved with someone else and recasting.

Sad thing is it sounds like the version of "The Incredible Hulk" that Norton and Leterrier wanted to release would've been a stronger movie than the one Marvel put out. For my money, Norton would've been a far more interesting wildcard in the ensemble in Avengers. (I love Ruffalo as an actor, and he's fine in the role, but it didn't really do much for me.) And they're still not in any rush to do more solo Hulk movies.
@rjh094 Well, that all depends on perspective. For some actors, being locked into one role for the better part of a decade is quite limiting and unfulfilling, no matter how much money could be gained from it.
Why would they bring back Miranda Frost? It's not as if she was an essential or thoroughly memorable Bond girl, all respect to Rosamund Pike.
Already been confirmed that this was, indeed, Snyder.
"Superman Survivors," eh?

Well, that's just a bit ironic, if not calculated.
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I'm with you, @therealGoku. This looks more like the Schumacher styles of Batmobile than Burton's original.
So, he's only the Rhino for 4 minutes, meaning we'll likely see him as Aleksei Sytsevich more than in the armor. This is setting him up to be part of the Sinister Six for either the third or fourth films.
Is he supposed to be wearing bike shorts?
This sounds about as fan-wanky as it could possibly get, as far as Kasdan's rumored story.
Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Ant-Man: Michael Douglas Reveals Why He Signed On
Two sequels. Don't forget 'Romancing the Stone' and 'The Jewel of the Nile'.
Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Will Nightwing Appear in Batman Vs. Superman?
This movie sounds dumber and dumber the more I hear about it. Yes, let's just chock the whole thing full of DC heroes. If you can't take time for development, might as well just go the Cliffs Notes route with one movie.
No. What's done is done. They're moving forward.
Thank you for not pointing to the moment where the whales come up to the floating Clark after the oil rig explosion as supposing to be some kind of Easter Egg for Aquaman. Same with the use of the word "Trident" used by the military in the film. People were trying way too hard to find Easter Eggs on those occasions.
Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Hercules: The Legend Begins Trailer
Looks like a low-rent mishmash of 'Spartacus', 'Troy', and '300' that somebody tossed some a little bit of money behind for the visuals.


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