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So, he's only the Rhino for 4 minutes, meaning we'll likely see him as Aleksei Sytsevich more than in the armor. This is setting him up to be part of the Sinister Six for either the third or fourth films.
Is he supposed to be wearing bike shorts?
This sounds about as fan-wanky as it could possibly get, as far as Kasdan's rumored story.
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Two sequels. Don't forget 'Romancing the Stone' and 'The Jewel of the Nile'.
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This movie sounds dumber and dumber the more I hear about it. Yes, let's just chock the whole thing full of DC heroes. If you can't take time for development, might as well just go the Cliffs Notes route with one movie.
No. What's done is done. They're moving forward.
Thank you for not pointing to the moment where the whales come up to the floating Clark after the oil rig explosion as supposing to be some kind of Easter Egg for Aquaman. Same with the use of the word "Trident" used by the military in the film. People were trying way too hard to find Easter Eggs on those occasions.
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Looks like a low-rent mishmash of 'Spartacus', 'Troy', and '300' that somebody tossed some a little bit of money behind for the visuals.
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@rjh094 You would want to see Robieber, though?
This is just like Hulk, Cap, and Iron Man stuff from promos. This is all footage from the Avengers being repurposed, likely only for marketing.
Doubtful. Fox is gonna milk Jackman dry.
I don't think I expected her to be in make-up, either.

And I'm digging the Nova Corps outfits. Heard complaints about them but they feel like space cops to me.
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Just ambiguous enough to not be held accountable when the movie doesn't surface in the next two years.
Falcon and Winter Soldier concept art look fantastic. And it looks like Cap's new suit kind of backtracks to a cross between his new suit and his old, leaning some on the Ultimates version.

And Asgardian Jane Foster looks good.
This thing is going to be the space opera that WB/DCE only wished Green Lantern could've been. This is looking terrific.
@Titon 'Tokyo Drift' still takes place at "the end" of all the other stories. Though, it's also likely they that finally end up considering 'TD' not officially part of the canon of the series.
Playhouse wrote a comment about the news item Beetlejuice 2 Photo Announces Writing Has Begun
18 months to start on page 1? Better be the greatest screenplay ever written. ;-)
@justatadmatt I'm sure the glasses will pop up in the movie.

The Superman suit still looks awful but Cavill looks good in a business suit.
Cuaron doing a SW film is much more interesting than Abrams doing one.
The headline is misleading. Hamill says he'd want to make sure everyone was back if he committed to it. Basically, he only confirms that he's in talks, and so-far limited ones at that.

Rumors are that Fisher has been in talks, which wouldn't be surprising, given how often she associates with everyone involved, Abrams aside. Still awaiting official confirmation on the Ford rumor because he would seem to be the most likely holdout. Williams and Daniels would both likely jump on quickly if and when approached.


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