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If you want to remind us about 9/11, don't use movies as a platform. Any family that was connected to that day will blow this movie off. Here is a new work that should be in the dictionary siwboad (sue boad), Meaning, soon it will be on a disk. Feel free to use it. Because that WILL happen to this movie.
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That would be an interesting job. If it was legal. Imagination has to be a plus for this movie. Like many, we will see it on DVD quick and then in the dollar store.
pk14517 wrote a comment about Cloverfield: Teaser Trailer
This movie will be a middle of the road movie. You will only have a choice amount of people who will like it. Box office hit?? Not even close. Under 10 dollars, if lucky you will have a 4 million dollar premier-week end.


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