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I dont know if im mad or excited about this.. i need a couple days to ponder this story
Just because Hugh Jackman is in this picture doesnt mean its all about Wolverine...
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@Brizzy you're one of those people who cant enjoy a movie cause they make it just a little bit different from the comics so they lose their sh*t over it, aren't you?
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I'll give this a chance and go see it. It wont be better then the original though
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@Celestialforthcoming Tom Hardy as a Terminator??? Im down with that sh*t
@gandoff Oh I agree he has the body. Im going to copy and paste from another article on here I wrote earlier for why I dont want The Rock in the Terminator movies to save time.:

"As a Terminator yes.. maybe. But the focus will be all on him. you know what I mean?? People will be like, "Oh my god! The Rock is in it. I better go see it cause it'll be badass and crazy." Yes the action in the Terminator movies is cool but I also like the story, plot, and all those other things. I dont want the Rock to take away from that.. I hope Im wrong though"
Im down with this.. as long as The Rock doesnt join in
Yeah right. Blade Trinity beats them all..... ha
@titanictom Aww well thanks man
I say reviews cause all the ladies will go see it. Its like the Twilight movies. We all know they're sh*tty movies but they still make a lot of money
Im going to laugh my ass off when this movie gets sh*tty reviews
@titanictom Really? They showed the whole movie in the trailer??? So do they make it out alive or do one of them get killed? Why did Sly get set up? I must have missed those parts in the movie.. oops i mean trailer
Haha "You hit like a vegetarian."
@Zak-Lee-Ferguson I think your more of a c*nt then Jim Carry is.
He's way more talented then you are. So what if he expresses his opinion. He has a valid point but also so does Millar
F*ck yes
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Now people are going to think that this will tie into the Avengers world somehow now that they said it will resemble the suit
@incmob yeah I know what you mean. He could probably pull it off but I could think of other actors who could play a cold hearted killing machine too. They might not all be bodybuilders but acting wise, they could pull it off