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YES!!! Suck it Renner!!!
If he doesnt want the mask then dont take the role... its simple as that
Green Goblin looks like sh*t
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Ashton is probably like, "oh sh*t."
It might have made a lot of money but the reviews werent too hot I thought
STEEL!!!!!! F*ck you Shaq!!
You were in just about everything that was ever made. You're the most famous and greatest character actor of all time and you will be missed. (Pour one for my homie)
TOM F*CKING HARDY!!!!!!!!! Screw the rock and liam hemsworth. they are not the wolverine
Bye bye realism. I don't believe this is true either.
Wait... isnt the human torch related to the invisible woman???
Pjwolsker wrote a comment about the news item The Fantastic Four Reboot Cast Revealed!
I dont like the cast. Miles Teller looks like a douche
this is the first f*cking trailer guys. there not going to show much. they never do on the first trailer so relax
He looks absolutely f*cking retarded
Fuuuuuuck. I hope I just didnt get sh*t spoiled for me
I dont know if I would trust this. It seems a bit odd they would just reveal a huge scene like that with spoilers and everything. Im betting the scene is way different then what they described
Oh please.. she'll be in it
@artkid04 well they cant help it if someone leaves or gets replaced