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phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item Channing Tatum Could Be Gambit in X-Men Spin-Off
I'd take it! Im liking tatum a lot more these days now that he's off doing solely chick flicks
im thoroughly excited for this...and the fanboys complaining about every little detail are unbearable I swear.
whoever is making this movie must be like "how much can we change this into something else, and still be able to call it Fantastic Four.

Until I see a good trailer, this movie sounds like straight trash. They'll be lucky if i even watch it on DVD.
Tom Hardy is the only actor on this list that could be believable. All the others are laughable at best.
as long as they're good I can't see this as bad, but don't just pump out movies to make a quick buck.
why would it be? different actor, different director, new angle. I don't even bother reading this sh*t
@undeadslayer4 yeah like halle berry really looks like storm? The girl from 12 years actually looks african (like the characters supposed to be) halle berry just looks like halle berry with a white wig
@Michael-Kolesik yeah I think most people will...they just like setting it up like its some real competition. I think superman/batman movie will still pull more tickets just based on the novelty of having the two characters on screen for the first time ever.
I could care less! That girl from 12 years a slave would be a far better storm.
WTF! Captain marvel is a million times more interesting then Black Widow...this is a no brainer. Oh widow has boobs, so lets talk about a solo movie??? f*ck outta here.
wow that was pretty anti-climatic.

As a huge street fighter plan I wasn't impressed. The game trailers look cooler
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item X-Men: Apocalypse Will Be an 80s Period Piece
great, maybe in 10 years I can see a movie that actually takes place in this century.
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom Down to Four Actors
@superman81 I agree 100%
every single news story about this movie has just made me lose interest bit by bit. Maybe they have some cool vision we aren't seeing right now. but right now im not impressed with anything
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item 17 X-Men: Days of Future Past Character Photos!
@Ken451 Well Singer posted a picture on twitter that showed the actor chairs with the character names on the back. They had one for bishop and cable. So that kinda implies he's in the movie.
god this looks amazing.
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item 17 X-Men: Days of Future Past Character Photos!
and yeah Im serious...these xmen movies have gotten incredibly stale for me. I have high hopes for this movie, but until I see a good trailer, I'm still skeptical. They think throwing a ton of characters in a movie is gonna be enough to get me sold? I could do without 90% of these cameos. All I want is f*cking cable and sentinels. If they don't show either of them in the next trailer, ima just watch this sh*t on netflix.
This article was so stupid and just wreaked of stupid fanboy complaints. I absolutely loved the trailer and I'm beyond pumped up after seeing it. F*cking fan boys are the worst man, nothings ever good enough for em. I thought movieweb was better than this
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item 17 X-Men: Days of Future Past Character Photos!
after watching the guardian of the galaxy trailer I have almost no interest in this movie. They need to release a better trailer. Last one didnt get me pumped up at all
I don't care about the fanboys...I got full faith in Snyder. this is gonna be awesome!


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