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what the f*ck are ya'll smoking? this sounds dreadful. Sounds like a script a middle-schooler could come up with. Nice to see that the characters are pretty much nothing like their literary inspirations. I'm still boycotting this unless a trailer blows my mind. The fact that Dr. Doom is a blogger is enough reason for me to laugh at this sorry excuse for a plot.
And this is why no one cares about Spiderman movies anymore. I want to be smoking what the executives at Sony are smoking. Must be good sh*t
Complete garbage...i'm refusing to see this just off principal. I swear every article that comes out pisses me off even more. How is this even called "Fantastic Four" anymore....

I'd sincerely be amazed that anyones actually excited for this.
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item Benedict Cumberbatch Is Doctor Strange!
This is soooo great. He's an incredible actor and a great pick. Much better than the other names that were floating around. If anyone hasn't already, go watch him in Sherlock. Dudes amazing
This is the biggest no-brainer...Sony's Spiderman flicks have (for the most part) sucked. Spiderman 1 & 2 being exceptions. The last one being utterly a joke. If sony actually wants to make some money, they'd sell the rights...or at least let marvel make it and just slap a Sony logo in the beginning.
Seeing as Bill Murray's the main reason why the real Ghostbusters 3 isn't happening I couldn't give a sh*t less about what he thinks the movie should be like. I love you Bill, but go piss off unless you're gonna be in it.
@ledouchee....f*ck yeah! this needs to be on HBO
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item Beverly Hills Cop 4 Returns Axel Foley to Detroit
Wow an eddie murphy movie I can get excited about! Gonna be real interesting to see if eddies still "got it"
The marvel movie/show I'm least excited about...really hope a trailer changes my mind, cuase this thing sounds like ass on paper
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item Shane Black's Predator Is a Sequel, Not a Reboot
Can't go wrong with more predator...I love the original, and all the others are decent fun movies. Id like to see a movie more like the original though, one man vs the predator
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item Marvel Is Considering a Hulk Stand-Alone Movie
What are these people smoking? All I want to see is a hulk movie...much more entertaining than any other character in the Avengers!

Planet Hulk & World War is that a tough nut to crack? Two of the best stories ever.
Looks funny as hell...but if this movie doesnt start WW3 I don't know what will
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item Dumb and Dumber To Trailer Is Here!
im sure itll be pretty funny, although this type of humor isn't really up my alley. but Ill give it a go
F*ck yeah!!!
AWESOMENESS!! Love snyder's work! this is great, plus should help keep some consistency amongst all these movies
@monkeyiron2-0 yeah they really get me heated. I know not all these movies are perfect, most arent, but has there been any adaption that's been totally loyal to the base material? Id love to see one if so. These ppl need to chill and be happy they getting anything at all. Who wouldve thought we'd get more TMNT movies 20 years after the originals?
phatalphd wrote a comment about the news item Channing Tatum Could Be Gambit in X-Men Spin-Off
I'd take it! Im liking tatum a lot more these days now that he's off doing solely chick flicks
im thoroughly excited for this...and the fanboys complaining about every little detail are unbearable I swear.
whoever is making this movie must be like "how much can we change this into something else, and still be able to call it Fantastic Four.

Until I see a good trailer, this movie sounds like straight trash. They'll be lucky if i even watch it on DVD.
Tom Hardy is the only actor on this list that could be believable. All the others are laughable at best.


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