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Phantanos reviewed the movie Godzilla

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Phantanos wrote a comment about the movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman
The first nonhuman time traveler with a human companion. This brilliant piece of wit came from Bullwinkle creator Jay ward in 1958. Clearly one of the influences in the creation of Dr. Who. This CGI character adaption seems get all the qualities correct. A pity Disney didn't go this route in the making of UnderDog.
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The toy Is too much toy. It is too upright. It is too smooth and looks too simple in design. Maybe it's a small kid's toy. They best not charge Too much for it.
Phantanos reviewed the movie Godzilla

Phantanos wrote a comment about Godzilla: Trailer
At last! A monster worthy of the name GODZILLA!
Unlike the Pathetic 1998 joke from Tristar, this trailer pulls off so much with so little scenes. There is tense feeling of foreboding,anguish, and dread. That is what made the original a LEGENDARY PICTURE!
  • Phantanos gave it 5.0 stars

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Phantanos wrote a comment about the movie Godzilla
From what I have seen of the conceptual GODZILLA sculpture is that It's face closely resembles the classic monster & VARAN. There is no mistaking it with the crappy 1998 DEANZILLA.
Today we lost a legend. A man who grew old, but never grew up!
A storyteller of legends,Adventure, and Fantasy. Driven to create images which no one could dream possible. Great Sea Beast,Flying saucers, Aliens, Dragons, Monsters and He did it all with his hands. Inspired as a kid when he saw KING KONG.
In an age where some stupid Hollywood exec makes an insulting Fantasy or Sci-fi movie for the Syfi Channel, one misses the original spark of Harryhaussen's movie classics.
The movies are the stuff of Childhood Legends.
Wild rampaging Cyclops,Talos the Bronze Giant, The army of the Hydra's teeth, and let us not forget Medusa.. Bare breasted and ugly!
Upon learning of his passing; I noted a quick global reaction to the news.
Yet heard nothing in local LA news agencies.
This Man deserves some respect.
He was a part of many a childhood... And shall not be forgotten!!!
Phantanos wrote a comment about the movie Godzilla
Remembering the abomination that was Dean Devilin's zilla. They better be true to the Toho Titan.
GODZILLA has outlasted his predecessor - The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, the latter Giant Behemoth, and GORGO. He has been the biggest star in sequel history. Toho is very protective of their icon of destruction.. Any deviation from it's true character; will result in having your right to use it revoked. Plus face eternal scorn from legions of fans.. Remember history's greatest monster,( Joel Schumacher), putting nipples on the batsuit.. The results will be the same. If GODZILLA is defamed by hacks..
Phantanos wrote a comment about the news item Godzilla Reboot Gets a Frank Darabont Rewrite
GODZILLA.... The atomic age leaviathan. The symbol of man made and natural destruction. Much like the tsunami, Earthquake, and atomic reactor leaks. The first cinamatic Monster ever to make man feel really insignificant.. The first time they tried to remake it was crap! Being handled by a jerk , who gave us a cheech lizard that ran away from heliocopters. The real one would have blasted them from the sky. Toho promptly stripped them of their rights to make another film. Let's hope that this time the project is given to more caring hands; who truely understand the legendary monster's ways. As for you geeks out there.. Godzilla is mutated by radioactive fallout and altered by it. Much like the incredible Hulk. If you manage to wound him.. it will be temporary. He has a quick healing ability.
Phantanos wrote a comment about Godzilla Vs Biollante DVD
I have owned this movie years before anyone got the rights to it. I did a editing and post production experiment on it. The result was a far better movie, which ran 10 minutes shorter and it entertained the viewers. I then showed the viewers the untouched work and they fell asleep. The GODZILLA film series is like an unfinished diamond. If you cut it the right way.. You get a jewel. The wrong way you get junk. This film needs major reworking.. Some one should have seen my version of the movie..

"A Mishandled monster movie..."
Phantanos wrote a comment about the movie The Dark Knight Rises
How many of you out there, realized that they turned Ra' al Ghul's servant Ubu into Bane.
Ubu was Ghul's master assasin. He is bald, stands 6' 10" and weighs 415lbs. Pure muscles that don't rely on the drug venom. That describes the Bane in this movie.
Phantanos wrote a comment about the news item Neil Armstrong Passes Away at 82
With this passing, a piece of my chidhood fades. Yet his legend will live on. As for those morons, who think it didn't happen.. Capricorn One was only a movie.. Apollo missions were real. You zeroes can never be a hero like..
Neil Armstrong.. Hero for all Mankind.
The Camera work is great! The images draw you in to the cold bleak feeling of the story. Bale and Hathaway have great chemistry. Mr. Oldman's, James Gordon is really fleshed out this time around. Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman are as always exellent. The one stand out was dectective Blake- Joseph Gordon Levitt. His performace was great.
If one gives all the details.. Why would you see the movie?.. It is best to leave a few clues for the curious...
Phantanos reviewed the movie The Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Returns!"
Phantanos wrote a comment about the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked
If I were given a choice.. I'd watch Chipwrecked over Popper's Penquins, and Happy feet 2. The munks are still watchable. Puss in Boots is a legend, and stands alone.