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And Cupid if you don't know anything about the game then what the hell are you even doing commenting on this site??? You are embarrassing yourself!! I bet if you stick chewing gum to a wall then spit on it then you will think that looks better too
I agree with bud2fresh, moviemaniac, and todd89. David oh dipsh*t if u wanna make a "good" movie like u said you would pay attention to the fans of the game cause obviously the game has done really well. And if you honestly think the movie is gonna hold a candle to the game then u would listen to the fans of the game enough said.
Hell yes!!
It better be rated r! Not pg-13 like "Live free"
I like this idea
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!! If Hollywood makes this I will leave this country!
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Yes!! I knew he would return to films. Welcome back Arnold!
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Love itt!!!
What we can probably assume happened after the taking of this pic is that Tom probably kicked the cameramans ass for spying and photographing him taking a piss.
This film needs a new director. The game doesn't have drake's family. Tell deniro to make another fockers movie. And please for the love of god leave Joe Pesci out of it. What about sully?? Huh? Who is going to play sully? Are we forgetting about the other main character in the game? As well as Elena? We need a new director one that supports the fan base and will choose fillion over wahlberg or else they just need to call this movie something else other than uncharted.
I do however completely agree with Supes on mgs on ps1
Nathan Fillion or Nolan North
I'm with bane5000 on that one
Apparently this guy doing this review doesn't know sh*t about the video game that this movie is based off of!
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NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Shia could never be Indy!
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They are letting this franchise go to sh*t! What idiots! That's just like saying "Hey! Let's come out with a new James Bond movie but guess what?" "What?" "James Bond actually isn't gonna be in it we are gonna stick some random person in it and it'll be just as cool!"
Perickson81 wrote a comment about the news item The Bourne Legacy Leaves Matt Damon Unhappy
Messenger you are a friggin idiot.


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