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Pbcritical wrote a comment about the news item CONTEST: Win Big in Our Inception Giveaway!
this is so cool, the film will be incredible just like this contest. But why doesn't this contest show up on the contests page?
I really hoped that Predators manages to get to number one, but I know that is an impossible dream. But if Desp*cable Me can really take the lead then it would be great as long as Twilight goes down.
Pbcritical wrote a comment about the news item Batman 3 Will Start Shooting in April!
well this is great news but doesn't this mean April of next year? I mean that doesn't mean it is any closer for us to see it.
Well at least the film series will be finished, but come on why does this need to be split into 2 films? I mean the book had sooooooo much junk in it that could easily be taken out and made into just one movie. My guess is that the studio wants to suck (get the pun) out as much money from the hyper active girl fans of this movie before it dies.
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Well the poster look interesting, but I am a little pissed that Jamie Fox is playing Lynch. I mean Fox is a great actor but Lynch was white and an older person with psychotic problems. I just can't see Fox in that role but still this film will look like it will have some fun action.
Hopefully the new Riddick is rated R again and the story is not as cheesy as the second one.
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this would definitely work. Two bad asses racing on on the track and being so intimidating.
I personally felt that Cloverfield was an overrated film and was just a copy of more popular Japanese monster films, ala Gojira, but I might check out the sequel IF THE GET RID OF THE DAMN SHAKY CAM. I just looks way too cheap and bad.
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this movie sounds awesome and can't wait for July 16th. Hopefully Gordon-Levitt gets a lot of screen time since I think he is a great actor and doesn't get enough credit. BUT I still don't get why everyone is holding guns and shooting in this film? Have to wait to see why I guess.
loved the movie just wish they make the sequel soon.
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sweetttttttttttt! I would love to win these. I am a huge fan of HP and the gift card is like a double prize.
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Pbcritical wrote a comment about the news item James Bond 23 Put on Indefinite Hold
WTF!!! I have waited so long for this next entry and they have suspended its development indefinitely. Come on just sell the studio so we can see the movie already.
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to answer incmob yes and no. This one is apparently a reboot and will not have the original cast. And I TOTALLY agree with The Fallen. Sin City 2 should have come out years ago and Robert continually says it will be made but he always pushes it back for crap like this.
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how will this movie take over a year to film if it is going to start filming this month? and seriously, butter CARVINGS.
wow. I totally agree with gandoff2169 about the first movie being totally overrated. I hardly laughed at the first one and felt that a lot of the jokes were based on Will just be dumb. I also don't think the first movie had anything more to say that it should get a sequel, but T-Night would make a good sequel.
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