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plus his opinion was based on something that he was getting mad about when he really shouldn't have even been bad in the first place its a clickbait article as he put it and it wasn't!!!
sorry that was to say: NOT insulting your intelligence
yeah but dude you don't seem to realize that I was expressing my opinion about him not you and you intervened.... you think he can't defend himself by the way I was insulting your intelligence I was just seen you are ignorant to the fact of what the whole conversation was about
LOL... dude u need to go back and look at the comments and know what I was talking about. Aparently you don't so stop being ignorant cuz I know you're not and you calling me not bright is like the cat calling the kettle black
Its not an opinion when ur calling an apple an orange
by the way this has nothing to do with you so why you putting your 1/2 sents in
. its a comment about him not you.... and how rude can you actually be
Dude have to say that i have seen yours and other comments on here for the last 2 to 3 years (mainly yours and Xenon) and guys argue about the dumbest sh*t having to do with movies. Sometime both of your guys info is so far off i laugh my ass off, you and him argue like a married couple. But to the point...This article is funny and fun. Superman with a lightsaber is awesome, Batman with one would have been better but thats my personal point of view. Sounds like you take stuff WWWWAAAAYYYY to serious, and u just need to relax, its all a joke. And by the way i am a "HUGE" S.W. fan and your name offends me. So dont bother with responding cause im not going to care to read it, but i know you will anyways so go ahead and prove no point!!!!
How about this, we just remake Ironman, Thor and CA and make them all black. Make Black Panther and make him Black Irish. I dont know why Hollywood is doing this and it make no cents! I was just as pissed when they casted Michael Clarke Duncan as King Pin i love Michael's work until his passing! People listen its not about Racism is about being correct in the M.C.U. and they have done a good job until now. Personally for me if they can't get it right i wont see it, and advise anyone who has a problem with it to do the same.
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WHAT THE HELL!!! These movies didn't need to be rebooted for one. Two-we don't need black actors playing white characters. I'm not raciest in anyway. It would piss me off just as must to have Matt Damon playing Luke Cage. And Jamie Bell is a great actor but HUH!! I don't get that one hes small, Ben's big. That's just as bad as Topher Grace playing Brock. What in the hell is Hollywood going?
I have been waiting for this sequel, but not without Keaton and Burton. If it does happen differently
and movie going experience
Hell yeah i want a pair. Hover cars are next, but i dont see Jaws 19 happening!! LOL
That's what you get when you have a protege of Christopher Nolan direct a movie....Pure Awesome!!!
1. When the hell did Jayden become a better actor then his dad, in fantasy land maybe. 2. What the hell is your problem Will, if you want 50m mill for it your out of your F@$#ing mind. Grow up, take less money and stop being a Hollywood hotshot. And just to tell you i a huge Will Smith fan!!
Oxxford699 wrote a comment about the news item 34th Annual Razzie Awards Nominations Announced!
The Razzies are bunch of idiots that dont know movies. Have they ever heard of Milo, HORRIBLE!!!!!! So take your dumb awards that dont mean crap and stick them up your razzies!!
Oxxford699 wrote a comment about the news item Star Wars: The 1980s Anime Trailer
That is Awesome!!!!
Sad to here that one of the best TV fathers passed....u gave us laughs Phillip.....RIP James!!!!
Oxxford699 wrote a comment about the news item 5 Most Overrated Movies of 2013
Agree, Agree, and Agree. All the movies listed above were great except The GrandMaster (for me take or leave).
Oxxford699 wrote a comment about the news item Paul Rudd Is Ant-Man!
Perfect. great actor, great roll, great movie. Marvel is just expanding the world with great actors!!! Cant wait!!
She would make a better Supergirl then Wonder Women


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