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Yes he needs to be Strange plus @EmmyttWolfe He Is More ANNOYING has been for a very long time!!!
Nooooo not Simmons..she my favorite
@Brizzy ur 100% correct he has so much talent...but him opening up his big mouth ruined them
Oxxford699 wrote a comment about the news item Fantastic Four Reboot Origins Story Revealed?
more and more information I hear about the movie the more and more I don't want to see it
Sounds cool as hell but also the planet could because Kashyyyk!?
Oxxford699 wrote a comment about the news item Batmobile Stolen from Batman v Superman Set?
I don't live too far from Detroit area & to hear this makes me really sad. this may have a very bad impact on future site being filmed in Detroit
that Batmobile makes every other Batmobile in every other movie and TV series look retarded...AWESOME!!
There u go again @ObiWanShinobi still being an idiot! Hope Mark gets a part Mo-Cap or not.
Looks like the tumbler on steroids....that is one piece of mean machinery
Oxxford699 wrote a comment about the movie Dead Space
hope this project gets off the ground to the would love to see a movie I love the games
You really don't know much about the EU because none of that what they stated is actually related to anything from EU in anyway
after reading this article it makes me more and more excited to see the movie.... the only bummer is that Han and Leia arent married but at least they have a kid...maybe?
why do you guys keep on encouraging @ObiWanShinobi make stupid comments about articles....he make comments about other people's comments saying that they're stupid... and he's known for getting mad at articles so he must understand himself. so just do what I do read his comments and laugh from afar.... sometimes it's just really really hard to fight with ignorance and stupidity!!
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Don't worry AngelCyke hes always an ass to most people no matter the subject or topic. Plus ObiWan sounds like you got a dictionary...its seeming to work keep it up!!
I totally agree with both of you 100%
I hope he does take this role because need a perfect Steven strange... @ObiWanShinobi and dude please don't threaten us we're going to talk anymore please don't
Oxxford699 wrote a comment about the news item Fantastic Four Reboot: Doctor Doom Revealed?
I guess the list keeps on getting bigger and bigger why this movie is going to suck
I do have one question for you how old are you
@ObiWanShinobi dude shut the hell up I don't know what you're talking about Days of Future past was a bad ass movie.... say something constructive or dont say anything at all....shhhhhhhhhhhh... think everybody including myself were just tired of hearing your rabble babble


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