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Merry Christmas to you FIlmNerd :)
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Ok hold on i'm going to check it hold on
i hope its niminated not for best animated film, but bets film along with christopher nolan for christ sakes, but to be honest this film wasnt epic, wasnt bigger than the others, i prefferred num 2
@Ilikepie202 i loved it every second for its supreme crappiness i forgot to higlhight the reasons is so funny. one reason cause its so bad
OhTheFilmNerd reviewed the movie MegaMind

"Disapointment, MegaMind is a MegaFail, And A Total Sell Out For DREAMWORKS"
@Diaigma i have always respected you and thank you, that would have done in the first place it seemed like a genral team gathering to be predudice agianst me. Please evaluate my lastest reviews and please heed my word, try to imptrove me if you tihnk i can do it. i have had my reviews published must you know to a local paper, so i may not be as bad as you might have thought
@Supes i dislike you you........
:l check out mine my fellow . people are truly sadistically dim for just using my review to start an argument
@moviegeek out of many of my reviews they arnt that bad, im british your american i write diffrently so there, my reviews arnt bad, my grammar is fine, i write it in a quirky way. Quite metaphorical, but i take it in and if you think im bad check out my new ones and my toy story 3 one not that i have to prove anything to you lot, but gte this you guys are predudice against me,