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O0cynix0o wrote a comment about the news item The Karate Kid Remake Starts Production
I believe the term is "Nepotism"

Nepotism is the showing of favoritism for relatives or friends based upon that relationship, rather than on an objective evaluation of ability or suitability, for instance by offering employment to a relative, despite the fact that there are others who are better qualified and willing and able to perform the job. The word nepotism is from the Latin word nepos (meaning "nephew" or "grandchild").
O0cynix0o wrote a comment about the news item Commando to Be Remade as Well?
AAAAhhhhhhhhh......why? At least they're not going to re imagine the whole thing. That would be worse. I'm not to sure how yet but it would be. I think Hollywood has officially run out of ideas.
O0cynix0o wrote a comment about the news item Brand New V and Flash Forward Clips
She's pretty hot for a lizard!!! I was expecting her to lick her eyeball or something. looks promising though. Can't tell if it'll be good until i see it in full. Maybe it will fill the hole left by BSG and Terminator:SCC.
So the "Hunter Killer", just about everyone dieing, the reveal that "John Henry" wasn't SkyNet and that the "Miles Dyson" Skynet was alive and well some where; and oh yeah that John Henry was important to winning the war with SkyNet somehow wasn't exciting enough. You know if you had said something like there wasn't much story left to tell, I would have agreed with you. but your lame comment "If the producers hadn't ....blah blah blah, just show your ignorence. If you had watched the rest of season 2, you would have seen the exciting parts.
It was YO JOE!!! not GO JOE!!! But the miss quote aside it's a decent start. Can't wait to find this on the internet as a DVD rip.
i think this movie was well made but the story was utter crap, even with all the updates it was still not good enough. All the blue wang wasn't a highlight in my book.
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Thanks for the add!
"We can be slaves or we can be....LYCANS!!!!"
This made me want to see this bad it was more trailer candy then anything else. Good review.

"It's kinda like...Titanic"
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