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is thinking about leaving Movie Web. Can I get anybody on here who liked my reviews to "like" the Movie Critical page on Facebooks??? Thankyou!
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I accidently created another one because it logged me in by my Facebook account and I didn't realise it had until I actually posted the review and saw that it said I had only made 2 posts and I was like..."huh?" It's the second time I've done it, I did it with "Wall Street"as well. Sorry about that. I really feel like an idiot now.

Oh, so I guess Movie Critical isn't as big as what I thought it was then :( I was really excited for awhile :(
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@the-screenwriter @moviegeek151
Nicki Price, Movie Critical and Nickis_Movies is all me! Hi!!I find it exciting that people on here actually read Movie Critical on the website as well! It's not the first time I have been asked this question. I just love writing my reviews and try to get them out there as much as possible!
Thankyou so much for reading Movie Critical (my website). It means the world to me to have followers out there!!
Hope you guys can forgive me for being myself :)
Nyp09 reviewed the movie Black Swan

"A Film Students Delight"
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"Best Day Ever!"
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New Black Swan review is up man!
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"McAdams moment in the sun"
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"The Film That Would Be King"
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"I'm a creep"
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New King's Speech review is up!
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"A beautiful piece of artwork"
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Take a look at my new review buddy.
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