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Thanks for adding me and Happy Holidays :)
gayanck   »  nomes436
Sweet friend.....
What's up baby?
Hope you're doing gr8 there.
Have a wonderful day pretty.
What about new movies you watched lately.
I watched Bangkok Dangerous.
Not the best movie of Nicolas Cage, but it's really good.
See you then,
Buy!!!!! With love,
gayanck   »  nomes436
Hello pretty!!!!
Hoping you are doing all right.
I wish you a great Halloween with lots of fun.
Have a wonderful week.
Enjoy today & plan for tomorrow.
See you then.
With love,
gayanck   »  nomes436
Sweet friend....
Hoping that your days are great cute girl.
Like to see a reply from you.
Wish you a great weekend.
Have a wonderful day honey.
Buy, with lots of love,
gayanck   »  nomes436
Pretty friend.....
Hope U are doing great there.
Wish this weekend brings you comfort.
Have a nice day.
See U soon,
With lots of love,
gayanck   »  nomes436
Hello sweet friend.....
Haven't heard from U after a long time.
Hope U r doing great.
Enjoy the weekend happily with joy.
Hoping a prompt reply.
Have a nice day.
See U soon, with lots of love,
gayanck   »  nomes436
Hello there sexy....
Pretty butterfly how U have been doing.
I'm waiting for your reply beautiful.
Hope U had a wonderful weekend.
I bought a new bike & these days I'm sooo... busy.
Do you like bikes sweetie.
U Have a great week honey.
Take care & enjoy the beautiful of today.
Buy with love.
Kisses & Hugs
gayanck   »  nomes436
First of all I'm very sorry for the late comment.
I was a little busy at the office.
I'm still looking forward for your reply.
So pretty friend how U been doing.
Hope you are doing great there.
See you soon with a prompt reply baby girl.
See you then...
Have a great week & a wonderful day with lots of joy.....
Buy with lots of love.....
gayanck   »  nomes436
Hello Sweetie...
Hope you are having a wonderful time.
Wish you a great weekend with lots of fun.
I'll be in touch.
See you later.
with love.
gayanck   »  nomes436
Hey my beautiful friend nomes..........
Just stopping by to say Hello...........
How's the things there.
Longtime............. but haven't heard from you.
Hope everything's OK with you.
I wish you a great weekend.
Talk to you soon...
Take care my friend,
with love
gayanck   »  nomes436
Hey nomes..........
Just poping to say Hiiii...
Whats Up my beautiful friend.
Haven't hear from you from a long time.
Hope U are doing fine.
Take care,
Buy...........with love
Im A Jew   »  nomes436
oh ok. well if u talk to him say america is greatly appreciating everything that him and the rest of the soldiers are doing.