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oh my god brooklyn decker is sooo hot. chick in the yellow bikini. looking forward to getting this at red box next year. movies like these don't really need to be viewed at the theatre. they an wait. red box is the t*ts
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he would be sick but he's just a little too italian or whatever looking to play a nerdie clark kent. but if they did go with the Zod and team he would be perfect to play the dumb oaf guy who was Zod's right hand bro and Superman's only real challenge in that movie
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they're not gonna cast this guy it's obvious. this is just an article that happens to be related to the casting of superman but he's not even gonna audition for clark Kent cuz this fool doesn't even look like him. Joe Manganiello would be sick. he was pretty badass in true blood but he's also a little to italian looking to be playing kent's nerding looking american reporter soooooooooooo
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he finished watchmen at like the end of 07, finished directing legend of the gaurdians in like 08 and it took the animation team a couple years to finish it without him pretty much while he filmed sucker punch at the same time Nolan was filming inception and is releasing it nine months after Nolan's epic mindf*cker of a movie. and now the two are teaming up for what is sure to be the sickest comic book adaption of all time. SUPERMAN! i've got a rager again
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well Sam Worthington was in competition for the role with craig in casino royale but crair got it. I thought Casino royale was the bond film we all needed but quantum of solace totally did have a bourne feel to it. if he f*cked more beezies and had the sick gadgets it would have felt more bondish but it was still entertaining none the less
it's gonna be a full trailor with some solid clips for sure. it's not gonna be a gay teaser like the avnger's trialor because they're actually done filming the movie. they haven't even started filming the avenger's yet and there's already a trailor. weird. but ya the lantern trailor should be of epic proportions. hopefully like a new age star wars type space opera where we see new worlds created by the crazy as visual effects department at warnerbros.
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i'm pretty sure this movie is going to be epic. same director as Casino Royale which I thought was pretty sick. curious to see how he does with all the special affects i've been hearing about
I think there will be sick action scenes but everything else will be lame. he'll probably try to make it all artsy and emotional like what Ang Lee did for the first Hulk with eric bana. tried to make you really care about the Hulk when in reality, we just wanted to see him f*ck sh*t up and jump five miles at a time. F*ck!
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very curious as to how this movie turns out. as far as i'm concerned marc webb is prettty much an unknown director so i think it's a bold choice to bring him on to such an iconic character for a reboot only like five years after the trilogy ended. i'm just stoked about zack snyder and superman so its all good
sounds like another twilight movie. "Dark of my ass". that corvette looks like a hot wheels truck. the new ferreri looks pretty rad tho. that'll get em wet
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I was kidding about John Travolta there B3njamin button. dear lord was i kidding. i guess yur right about CGI-ing a young christopher reeves in there but who else could play Superman? my other vote is for Will Smith's kid
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did everyone think Superman returns was really that bad? I thought Brian Singer did a pretty good job considering the cast and the storyline. I mean, Lex Luther trying to start his own continent, and the scene where superman saves the plane from crashing, who didn't get chills when that sh*t was going down? but Singer was a sick director. i loved what he did for X-men. the third one was mediocre but the first two were pretty sick considering the limitations of CGI several years ago. But for CGI now a days, we can create whole new worlds that look believable and are in three-dimension, just amazes me how far we've come and how crazy visual affects are. this is going to be the best superman movie to date and most definitely one of the better superhero films of all time. but who would be the best actor to portray a modern day Man of Steel? my vote's for Jon Travolta, JT. but seriously, who? they can't use another unknown. they should just CGI a young Christopher Reeves in there that would be sick
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this is probably the best director/producer team up you could ever ask for. with nolan and his creative writing skills and snyder and his visually stunning directing style, you will get the sickest movie of all time and with one of the most famous and most badass superhero's of all time. i've seen all of snyder's work including his recent Legend of the Guardians which was honestly on a par with avatar's 3D and epicness even though it was only a PG rating. some of you might say that he over uses slow motion in his movies but I think it only enhances those moments to their full potential and besides, anybody who's ever taken a video/film class should know that it's not the director who does the slow motion, it's his editor David Burrows who deserves the credit. although i'm sure snyder has some say on which parts to do it for. but nonetheless, snyder is an owner and nolan is a gangster and they're probably gonna shoot this thing in 3D and it's honestly giving me a rager just thinking about how f*ckin rad this film is going to be. Superman always has been forever will be, an owner of all!
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i'l like to see grand theft auto turned into a game. the concept of getting almost anything with a push of a button on your cell could be sick as f*ck! imagine falling off a building or something and calling for a helicopter in mid-fall. the possibilities could be endless really. but who would be the best to direct it?