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@Edward-Hickey There has been speculation that Idris Elba might be the next Bond after Daniel Craig. As far as I'm concerned...pure awesomeness.

If there isn't a backstory that precludes it then the only thing I care about is if the actor is a good fit for the role. Tony Stark needs to be white, Black Panther needs to be black, but as far as the Punisher or James Bond are concerned they can be whatever floats the director's boat as long as they do a good job.
I'm not a comic book reader so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Peter Parker one of the few wildly popular, established characters where race really doesn't matter? I mean, Tony Stark has a background that essentially precludes him from being anything, but white. Peter Parker, however, doesn't really have that...does he?
@gumperman Did you say this looks promising DESPITE Guillermo del Toro directing? Am I understanding that correctly?
It saddens me that my favorite superhero will continue to rot at Sony while Marvel and Fox work wonders with their properties. Hopefully Marvel can at least get a piece of the Spiderman pie.
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I really don't see the issue here. Bond's race doesn't seem particularly important to his character. If he was playing a mid-20th century American agent then I might understand some reticence to having him played by a black guy, but the modern Bond takes place in the modern era.

For some characters I understand the need to preserve race. If you tried to replace Steve Rogers or Bucky Barnes with another race it wouldn't fit very well. Even Tony Stark, since his dad was an early 20th century scientist, would be a stretch. Black Panther as a white guy? Not so much. Some other characters I just don't get it though. Bond, Human Torch? Even someone as high profile as Cyclops wouldn't bother me, though, I'm admittedly unfamiliar with his backstory so maybe it might actually matter.
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I would definitely be on board with this, though, I'm still irritated that Clive Owen never got it.
I'm not especially excited about this movie, but I feel like this could be a good one for Judy Greer. She's got a likable quirkiness about her.
Hopefully this wedding turns out better for him than his last one.
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@John-Constanine I tend to have the opposite opinion. I think he has been quite good in the few things I've seen him in, but his eyes creep me out.
@Brizzy I saw that picture and that was the first thing that came to mind.
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@Brizzy Overall, I'm not a huge Batman fan. I just never have been other than the three recent films. However, I would pay far more money than is normally necessary to see Daniel Day Lewis as the Joker.
@junior-roberts I'd say it's good. You need to take your Lord of the Rings glasses off before you watch it or that will taint your experience. I think the 2nd movie was definitely an improvement on the first.
A six movie series already sounds risky...Charlie Hunnam for six sounds more risky.
@mieko-siede I agree with those sentiments. I loved that story when it was just a partial tale. I was super excited to get it in full form.
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I'm current on the comic and am a season behind on the show. I haven't seen any of the most recent season. I enjoy the show, but I agree with The Real Goku. Some of the episodes are painfully slow.

It's not because they lack for violence or gore, but because they're just painfully slow. Sometimes nothing really happens. You'll get an excellent episode chalk full of drama and tension and then they will follow up with a dud. It's incredibly inconsistent. It's the really good episodes that keep me coming back for more.

On another note, where GoT, to this point, is an example of a show that has managed to adapt the source material with relatively few plot affecting changes...The Walking Dead is the exact opposite. They've completely wrecked several characters which will certainly screw with things later on. Sorry for the mini-rant.
@justatadmatt I guess Mystique's "curve of under breast" doesn't count since she's blue...

This is pretty ridiculous, but at least now we get to use "curve of under breast" in everyday speech. It should be fun.
@junior-roberts When I first saw the picture I thought, "That's Jamie Chung."
I need to see Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now.
@therealGoku I just watched it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Good film.
@ejk1 I hope he lasts that long. I don't see any way the series won't catch up to the books without some significant deviations in plot or the writers giving it the "The Hobbit" treatment.


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