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Great review, @ejk1. I laughed a bit - with it, of course, and not at it. I feel you highlighted the same shortcomings of the film that few others have cautioned about, all of whom are equally credible sources, all of whom (including you) I take more seriously than those who have deliriously enjoyed this film.

I'm now just resigned to the experience that awaits me when I eventually see this with my friend(s). I'm surprised you found Kunis to be the most grating, but I can definitely see how she'd be a miss match for the role and overdo it. Funny how everyone suggests RDJ would have made this role far more enjoyable, when perhaps the script and character is exactly what drove him off as opposed to production overlapping. Though, I'm curious why he'd turn down a role like the one waiting for him in Inherent Vice... but that's neither here nor there. Good job again, my friend.
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She's always a joy to watch, and this seems like a decent project, if it weren't for the director's track record. I'll wait and see how this builds up.
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@bawnian-dexeus Ahh, yes. I remember that. I can see it now - the flashlights under their chins... The thought definitely cheapens the already simple posters. :P
@bawnian-dexeus You mean John Carter was kept close to the chest? I'll disagree, because that film had a ton of exposure and numerous interviews. If anything, I feel it was just a falsified experience in general, whereas Snyder seems to be keeping his head low and focusing on the project itself getting the spotlight, not unlike Shyamalan and After Earth. The difference is that Snyder is still in all of his fans' good graces after Sucker Punch. Lol. But I agree, too much time left to himself and who knows how the film might turn out.
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The book surprised me with just how emotional it made me. Truly a work of modern day art - horrific, touching, often cold and cynical, but sometimes heartwarming. Radcliffe is the perfect fit for a character like Ig, but I see a lot potentially going wrong with this adaption.
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@bawnian-dexeus Ridick?
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@dan1@ROFLitschristian Lol. Am I the only one who is distantly reminded of Kurt Russell when I see the Mother F*cker poster? Anyone?
Agreed, @ejk1. A source at JoBlo reported praise for the film, but I need to know just who is reviewing this film for us. A biased party? Or an honest to god convert? I sincerely hope it is the latter.

One thing I'll give Snyder props for is his ability to go all out on a project. He appreciates solid storytelling and high concept work, even if he can't develop it himself (as seen with Sucker Punch). The fact that he's really kept to himself throughout this film and just hammered away at the project as intimately as he has gets him props from me, whether this film critically pans or not. Plus I'm always one for doing practical and on-location shooting if at all possible.
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@thedude-abides You're right. Crowe did replace Fassbender and Bale, both of whom were in the running for Noah as well. While I like Crowe, I really (desperately) wanted to see an elderly Fassbender play Noah.

Also, do you remember the original premise of Robin Hood? Crowe was set to play the sherriff who was basically just doing his job, trying to balance power and still communicate with the people and provide for them, while Bale would play a more ambiguous Robin Hood; one who might have had ulterior motives and might have been less of a boy-scout than the usual fare presents him as. The prospect of having a hard-assed and understandably "proper" sheriff of Nottingham go against the likes of a darker and perhaps less wholesome Robin Hood was mesmerizing to me. Two powerful men with their faults and their creeds going head to head, played by two power house actors. Then rewrites came, Russell Crowe didn't want to share the screen with his 3:10 to Yuma partner again, and thus we got the unoriginal cheesefest that was Robin Hood.
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@thedude-abides In general, I agree. Lol.

A few months back and I might have disagreed with you on Ang Lee being perfect for a Moses film, but that's not the case after seeing Life of Pi. Still, no one can even approach Ridley Scott's ability to channel the cinematic scope of olden time warfare and setting, as seen with the fantastic likes of Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven: Extended Cut, and the less spectacular likes of Robin Hood and 1492. I have no doubt that between the efforts of he, Zaillian, and Bale, they may have the superior 'Moses' adaption despite the fact that Warners is clearly the better studio. Let's just hope Bale isn't once again replaced by Crowe, ala Robin Hood, though I doubt it. He is Noah, after all.

Not to get off track, but going through Scott's filmography, I'm astonished. The likes of 1492, Black Rain, and Hannibal aside, Scott's maintained a nearly perfect directional track record over thirty years in the business. That's insane.
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The reason he keeps releasing these posts about how faithful the adaption will be is because he and others have a lot riding on this project. The man put his best foot forward, money aside, and he wants to at least get fans to the theaters to judge the product for themselves. Granted, these posts are getting annoying and anything he says can be taken with less than a grain of salt judging by the supposed changes being made, but I'd be lying if a small part of my didn't sympathize with the man. "Aliens, not mutants" fiasco aside, we really haven't received any negative news about this film... other than who is directing it (I still say Liebesman is a terrible choice). I feel like this project, while far from promising, is receiving a tad more heat than it deserves at such an early stage due to just Bay's and now Fox's involvement. I'm at least going to wait for a trailer to fully judge whether or no this'll have my money, but I won't bitch too hard about... well, nothing, until they give me a just reason to. I just want these annoying pity-posts to stop.
Safety Not Guaranteed is available on Netflix for anyone interested.

I hope that's the case here, @skywise.