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I'm sad upset and conflicted with emotions. DCU make this right this is a big project for you guys and major block buster if you have the right director attached....
@mka47 phantom of the opera. Sorry my mistake!
Duh Ben affleck is the Bomb in phantom menace! #bostonstrong
@paulington Yes it's a head scratcher?
Why why would they show you all this in a trailer spoils the movie twist and plot?!
My jaw dropped to the floor while watching this Mtv Movie Awards show, who thinks movie is going to do 5 million opening wknd. I do
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I'm still not sure what to think about this movie?! But I will see it opening day. MCU has not let me down yet.
The Russo Brothers better make sure they continue the the top level making movies? Because CATWS was good but it didn't do no# like Avengers or IRON MAN 3. Then the Russo brothers will have to top AAOU. Some big shoes to fill from Joss when he leaves or if he even really does leave?!
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@undeadslayer4 Not sure in article above it says Canadian set.
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I'm sold off this trailer!
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its just a first picture of almost all the cast but I'm still very excited about this movie and can't wait for it to come out.
So no post credit scene? Why didn't Joss decide that for Avengers 2 and not Iron man 3? Post credit was (wtf!?) I waited 10 mins for this stupid scene?! So thanks but you missed the mark before wish you stopped it and didn't do a scene for the end of Iron man 3. Wow a crack in MCU armor starting to show??? (When you can't come up with a simple scene post credit for a tie-in to the next movie or a simple laugh scene for people to enjoy)
Stop......stop my sides hurt lol.
Yay can't wait it will be 10x better even though we the masses everybody has seen it like a over a million times already
That's wouldn't matter cause in the last two movies he's moved on and has 2 kids. She would be a gret addition to the cast and eye candy and can act also.
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This movie was good the action was great over the top, the audience was cheering clapping at many different sequences through out the movie.
Only because this Deadpool project has been in the works for such a long time and was shelved. Then leaked by Ryan for the Masses to see & that sparked a new global demand for the movie, that Ryan wanted people to see his vision and ideas for the new take on the character. Which was a success so far. So I can take with a grain of salt that the director is saying how next level this movie will be and comparing it to Ironman and Guardians of the galaxy movies impacted. They are just expressing the energy and magic of it coming together. This is really good to hear.
Chimichanga so excited for this movie the stills look great.
Ryan is awesome just the fact that he went the extra mile doing a skit like this. Showing once again his passion and love for the project is a great sign for the movie itself and an R rating!
Coming together nicely Walter Skinner is coming back he was a key component to the bad stuff and later was an ally for Mulder & Scully. Smoking Man is coming back great villian.