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Loved the First Movie, just hope they don't screw the 2nd one up?!
Good for Cena! Hope it turns out to be a Big Comedy.
Can't wait to see This T4 I got tickets for Saturdays showing in 3D
Hmmmm.... I'm looking forward to this idea. But did people not like the last Predators Movie? I thought it was good!
This doesn't come out until next year Jan 2015 why are the showing the trail now?????
He looks like he could play the part very well. He's got that look!
Have to see this Movie. Denzel Washington is one of the Best actors in our century.
Good list!
Hello........! Thank you
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Will check this out in theater, they have great chemistry together. Can't stop laughing.
Why is superman getting a new suit? Thought the first one was fine as is...?
Optimus poster is good.
X-Men was sold out so I saw Godzilla in 3D IMAX
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Can't wait to see what's next for the next Godzilla franchise and direction they will have in store for the King of Monster! Yeah
Godzilla was So Epic! Saw it sat in IMAX 3D it was unbelievable the the crowd was cheering & clapping when we got the first roar from Godzilla. And the last battle we clapped and cheered again. Great cast and special effects great.
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Got my tickets a month ago for Saturdays show this wknd!! So excited I bought a Godzilla shirt to wear for Saturday. Super fan
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#3 is going to be the best cast they put together this Movie! Snipes has a great chemistry with Stallone from past movie and they are friends. Terry is going to get out shined by Snipes. Hands down
Gerard Butler was Kick Ass in the First Movie and can't wait till this new installment has to offer! He has the chops for the Leading roll. Watch this be another #1 box office winner!
OMG wow....!