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No no no no......?! This better be a joke! They went to far if for REAL.
So exciting! Loki is going to be stealing the show in this movie and best lines watch!
There was NOTHING wrong with Optimus in the first place!!! Why change his look even a lil bit??? Stupied
This movie keeps getting better and better! Can't wait till Nov
50 cent always keeping busy with Hollywood Stars!
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Loki (Tom) is the Man! Who would have thought his character connected so much with the fans! They may have to make a solo movie just for him to star in down the road.. Hahaha
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Looking forward to getting the unrated and alternate ending blu-ray version!!!!
I'm Batman........
Ben has the range to play diffrent levels of Batman and make it his own.
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To all the Haters Ben has grown so much. He's been to the TOP and all the way at the BOTTOM! He would not step into this huge roll to play BATMAN if he felt he could'nt bring a new prosective and wickedpissah bad ass new level to it! Can't wait to see him in the mask
looking 10x more to the Man of Steel 2 NOW THAT HE IS ATTACHED TO THE PROJECT!
Stallone great move adding Snipes to the 3rd installment of the franchise!!!!
hell Yeah! Derr Back........!
Mark you couldn't walk a mile in Robert Downey Jr. Shoes
that's not saying that much only $30.5million. Should have done much more then that im surprised?
Hope Elysium wins the Wknd Box office! Saw it in IMAX fri night 9pm show and it was Sold out!
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I'm still blown away!!! Marvel is stepping it up on Thor loved the first one. But this trailer is telling me I may love this 2nd one better.
Natalie is looking even more sexier then ever in this poster
looks like Bryan got it right can't wait to see the finished version. I'm sure they will have cgi effects added to this sentinel.