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Mwheeler1324 wrote a comment about the news item Prometheus 2 Will Feature a New Alien
Yes I'm ready to see a new creature hopefully Ridley does it right and makes it scary and horrifying.
Running Man was a great classic movie! If they come out with this Running Man 2 I will see it.
I watched this movie in IMAX and didn't have an issue with the sound during the movie.
i'm going to be so scared!
Christoph Walts would be a excellent lead villian.
So Benedict C*mberbatch wasn't the first pick. Somebody was telling me he was the only one they wanted.
@Joshua-Hollaway I disagree with you. I think each Nolan movie he has come out with he makes you think outside the box? He just responded to the critics about the science in Interstellar he consulted with during the shooting of the movie. But why cant you enjoy some depth not just fantasy. He pushes the limit and that's why people are talking about this movie still its 50/50 with hate it or loved it.
I hope Fox can get it right for once because this is turning into a whole diffrent movie all together it sounds like
The Rock stays busy getting his grind on. Sounds like a good team up Kevin and the Rock.
In Nolan we trust! In Nolan I trust.
Christopher Nolan is the constant professional.
No contest: Batman wins vs Jason Bourne. Billionaire, smart and martial arts master.
Mwheeler1324 wrote a comment about the news item Matt Damon Confirms Bourne 5 for 2016
Matt Damon is the Man! So glad to hear the Greengrass and him are getting back together to bring a franchise back on track. Sorry Renner your not Matt Damon and your movie was dull and boring no action horrible.
Can't believe Hero 6 Movie beat out Interstellar as the no#1 box office for the week. I thought Interstellar was a good movie and even though it was 3hrs the special effects and story made you think outside the box.
Mwheeler1324 wrote a comment about the news item Mechanic 2 and Criminal Get Release Dates
The Mechanic was a sleeper hit! Glad they decided to make a 2nd one. Jason is good at what he does kicking a$$!
No leave it alone. Why mess with a great show that ended on a high note ( controversial ending ) and the leading Star died in real life. This just sounds like he can't think of a new show idea of something else completely different.
Really looking forward to this movie and rebuilding this franchise to the next level.
It's simple and straight to the point. I wonder why it's not using The no#7 episode instead?
I hate that someone who is working on the film is leaking info and pictures like this to ruin the film. Don't know if he is getting paid for leaking this info but we're is the loyalty to the project??!!!!