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"A landmark film gets a worthy, landmark release."

"The more I think about it... this show went out the way it had to go out."

"Jason Statham is very good as an action star."

"Johnny Depp is as unguarded as can be in this interview."
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That Sept. 12th comment by "creep" made me laugh soooooo hard, I nearly had an accident!

"It is always interesting when the premise of a show is based on the written word."

"As far as Blu-ray Disc releases go, this one offers spectacle of the highest order."
Evan "Mushy" Jacobs reviewed the disc Casshern DVD

"I can say unequivocally that I have never seen a movie that looks like this."

"I could watch Mandy Patinkin act all day."

"This film really does its best to explore both sides of this tough equation."

"While a lot of this movie has the "we've seen it before" quality, that doesn't mean that it isn't good."

"A great film from the 1980s gets kids and horror right."

"Solid mysteries give way to sharp acting and interesting performances."

"Stuart Gordon knows how to make very interesting, intelligent and entertaining films."

"The color cartoons have really been slicked up for this DVD release."

"I think that the makers of this film should be congratulated for trying to helm such epic subject matter."

"This is a great show and I am happy that Shout! Factory has released it."

"A great movie, Wall Street has never been more timely."

"A great movie gets yet another big release."

"I love the doc*mentary style they employed for this film."