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Evan "Mushy" Jacobs wrote a comment about the movie Paranormal Activity 2
It was a really good sequel. Very original. For the third one they should go back to when the two main girls were really young. So it would take place in the the 80s and it could be cut together doc*mentary style from VHS tapes. If they do that... then the series can end and not become completely lame and useless like say... the SAW movies.

This is great. Now... is there anything on the DVD about somebody wearing make-up playing the Crispin Glover role in BACK TO THE FUTURE 2?

"I do give it points for at least feigning an attempt at originality."

"The Men Who Stare At Goats is one of those movies that seems to spark curiosity."

"While I am sure that there are people who might swear by this film, I am not going to be one of them."

"I wasn't expecting much, I didn't get much..."

"The Quick and the Dead is the kind of movie that you either get or you don't."

"Whiteout might have been more aptly titled... Wipeout."

"Brooklyn's Finest is certainly worth a watch but I don't know that it should get anything more than that."

"Zoo-Wee Mama!"
They didn't run the Hulk in Georgia at that time. ERRRR!

Ruffalo cares about a payday.

Man, you guys are prolly gonna see AVATAR again, in 3D with new footage!

Hey web guys below me...

What is he supposed to say?

"I know nothing about The Hulk."

Every actor says these lines.

Ruffalo didn't watch THE HULK. He was home schooled in Georgia.

Come on guys, think!

Evan "Mushy" Jacobs wrote a comment about the movie Inception
It is pretty awesome that in today's hedge your bets world of filmmaking, Warner Bros. bankrolled this movie to the tune of $160 million.

When you consider the complexity of its plot and how, unlike other films, it doesn't hang its politics on its sleeve, or lead you by the hand (and claim not to), Inception is probably the best film of 2010 thus far.

I am sure there are people that will relate it to other movies in which dreams have a central theme, but I can't recall the last time I saw a movie with movie stars that didn't feel like a vehicle for those stars. Come to think of it, there weren't even any real movie moments.

Inception is about as good as movies get. If nothing else, it is pure cinema. It is an excuse to have that wonderful experience of simply losing yourself at the movies.
Suckers! Cameron is licking his lips and laughing at you all.

They should just cancel this film. Dump the franchise. Which... I hear they might do.

Brody is mess. He screws up every movie he does.

Ruffalo is a good choice. Crudup is boring. His movies don't make any money. I have it on good authority from Hollywood that he will never work again.

Shut up.

That's the whole movie I hear. Just typing. Fincher is going for something unique. The budget was only $5 million and most of it went to the voice overs.