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movies35 posted in the forum: Brokeback Mountain
I hope that was meant as sarcastic/funny rather than rude :) Anyways, I love Jake, I think he's a great, talented, good looking actor. I won't like it just because he takes off his shirt :P
movies35 posted in the forum: Waiting
Fun, quotable film. Anna Faris was adorable as always and it was really funny. I saw it in theaters twice and will definetely be buying the DVD.

8/10 (A-)
movies35 posted in the forum: Jarhead
JARHEAD is yet another disappointment for me. Yes, it was a good movie. The first hour and fifteen minutes is fantastic. Then, it starts to get boring and pretty slow. A good ten or fifteen minutes could have gotten cut and I wouldn't have minded. Then it came up together in the end. All of the performances were top notch. I kind of hope that Jake gets an Oscar nomination for this or BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Some of the people looked really tired during the last half of it, they looked really bored. It's not a bad movie, obviously it's really quite good but it's a huge disappointment for me. I'll still buy it on DVD though. Especially since AMERICAN BEAUTY is my favorite film of all time. I was hoping it would be really close to it quality wise.

7/10 ( B )
movies35 posted in the forum: Rent
You'll have to live in New York or LA man. Maybe it will have sneak previews while it's limited. Sort of like last year's FINDING NEVERLAND. I remember it was in 35 theaters or something like that and it was in a good 500 theaters for sneak previews.

Anyways, I think it looks amazing. I've been following it really closely ever since I saw the brilliant teaser trailer. It should be one of the best films of the year. I'm going to see it with my family on Thanksgiving.
movies35 posted in the forum: Brokeback Mountain
Yay! Finally a good movie board where people aren't homophobic! Almost every movie board I'm a member of always complains that this is about two men, give me a break! Personally, I think BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN looks absolutely amazing. I hope it doesn't disappoint!
Am I the only one that thinks NARNIA looks really bad? Now I haven't read any of the books but honestly, what is the audience for this horrible looking film? The TV spots and the trailers I have seen are cringe worthy at best. The running time is ridiculous, I mean come on, 2 hours and 51 minutes for a lame looking movie like this? I highly doubt it will be a monster hit but it will break $100 million for sure. My theater is having a midnight showing for this, which is kind of odd. They better have one for KING KONG too. If they don't, they should switch this with KONG ;)
movies35 posted in the forum: Syriana
I'm sorry but I think it looks completely average. I'm not a very big fan of the director. What I've seen of TRAFFIC was completely average. Nothing Oscar-worthy in the slightest. I'll see this with low expectations in theaters.
movies35 posted in the forum: Hostel
I think it looks really great. The positive buzz is definetely a plus and the trailer is really good. I liked Eli's first film, CABIN FEVER. It wasn't a great movie but it was really fun. I'd give it a solid 8/10 (B+). I can't wait for this, I'm definetely checking it out in theaters!


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