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Anyway, I'm going to head off now, going to finish "Breaking Dawn," which is the final book in "The Twilight Saga." See ya later.
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Sorry, can't watch it. The link can't be streamed until the twentieth of December. I hate "South Park" anyway. lolz!!!!
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Thirty minutes, huh? That's a decent ammount. And your first reviews were pretty good. See any good movies lately? I should be going to see "Australia" sometime next week. Wednesday, I believe.

"The "lighter" side of the force."
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Um, don't EVER write that in my comment box again. lolz.

And I agree with MovieBuff123 on everything that he said below. It IS like a slap in the face, but not only for our kudos, but we all also write our own reviews, and for me it takes hours at a time, and then other copy. Like I said, slap in the face. But we definitely don't want you to leave.

Anyway, what's new with you?
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glad to hear you're stayin. nice pic.... lol
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ttyl, man

and I totally agree with MovieBuff
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Don't leave dude. So you got caught... big deal. The problem most of us have with copied reviews is that "we" give reviewer kudos and congratulations to the review thinking they're that person's review... but they're not. So we feel that the person who copied and pasted the reviews is not only laughing at us for fooling us, but he or she is getting credit and congratulations from us when he or she DOES NOT deserve it.

You were doing fine up until Quantum of Solace, then you changed with Tropic Thunder. There was no need for that. Just go back to the old ways and review like you always did. We still respect you. So you made a mistake. Just don't do it again.
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ok, man. Please dont get mad or anything, but i suspected you. all of a sudden your reviews cahnged... A LOT.

but your reviews were good to begin with, so why did ya do it?
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yea, Duel, directed by Spielberg
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you are like the only one that agres with me. lol
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oh f*ck you Vis and your gay little ways, you only care fro yourself, but yes, i did it a few times.
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ya, well, I didnt love it, but liked it more than you hehe.

I thought The Dark Knight was ok. you loved it like everyone else?
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k, i did it a few times, i am sorry, we all make mistakes man like jeez
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you recommend Eagle Eye? I thought you hated that one. lol
awesome review Mushy, it seemed like a doc*mentry at first for me.
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lol yea war you guys said
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Better not get caught. Lol
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Ttyl, man. tell me how The Blob is. and ill tell movienerd.
Moviemaster75 wrote a comment about the news item I Am Legend Prequel to Be a Sequel After All?
if itz a sequal itz like going to be like High School, WTF? (maybe) (but High School Musical movies are gay)

if itz a prequal then god speed gentleman