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Thank God they did not go with Joaquin. He was already Johnny Cash and I wouldn't wanna see him in another biopic.
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So they give this a release but not his much better film, Rogue? That is the best killer crocodile film to date!
@CelluloidDreams what are you talking about? Kimberly Pierce directed Carrie and she also did Boy's Don't Cry. PLUS it stars Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz. I think it will definitely be one of the better remakes.
Definitely not a cash grab. The reviews show that. In fact it was supposed to be released earlier this year but it tested so well that Warner moved to a summer slot.
Saw The Conjuring last night at 8pm and it was packed. It was excellent. And I am so happy it is certified FRESH. Go and see it, it was a lot of fun. Vera Farmiga steals the show. Hopefully it will win the weekend.
I for one would love to see Garfield play Spider-Man as gay, or at least exploring his sexuality. Who cares. I agree with Huntsman, it would garner major media attention and I can see Marc Webb being creative enough to pull something like that off.
I still don't see how this will be filmed and edited in time to make that release date. Especially without it being completely rushed.
I love alien movies. This looks great.
They will probably do what they did with iRobot and just release it on Blu-ray in 3D
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I am soooo excited. This is my favorite movie of all time. Hope when the Blu-ray releases it is a brand new 4k transfer and the 3D is flawless like Titanic's. Sooo excited
Aoshi how do you not have Blu-ray yet?! It's going to be 2013! I have been into Blu-ray since 2007! So many movies are Soooo much better on the format.
She'll do it. She's constantly saying on her show how badly she wants to do it and always jokes about Pixar not doing a sequel yet. She'd be the first to sign on.
I would hope Prometheus would take the top spot, however with Snow White and the Huntsman in its sophomore week and Madagascar 3 opening I do not know if it will :( I am stoked that it is rated R, but that drastically limits its ticket sales.
Absolutely love her. Would have loved her to been cast as Selina Kyle in Dark Knight Rises.
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I will be there opening night. MMMMmmm
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Why even post this? It is the same exact trailer except for Noomi Rapace's scream now added in at the end.
Corey you're wrong. Titanic will be the number one film. Not an R-rated movie. I understand the demand and I could be wrong but I really think Titanic will take the top spot.
Omg an Adam Sandler movie that actually looks hysterical!
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Insidious was genuinely frightening. That's very rare. And even more rare in a PG-13 film. I am all for a sequel IF it has the same actors and the family return.
Well when I saw the prologue in IMAX I am not sure if it was just so loud or if he truly was unintelligible because I barely could make out what he was saying.