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@shuabert @mieko-siede @bawnian-dexeus I highly doubt that they'd cast Kerry Washington, seeing as how she was in the last two films as Alicia Masters. But I do agree, she would be a solid choice otherwise.
Sounds cool
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My girlfriend is gonna beg me to watch this with her, I just know it.
I love this cast. And David Ayer is pretty awesome as well. The set pics are cool too.
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I like all three of the lead guys (especially Jordan) and I heard that the script was pretty good so we'll see. Looms promising. Had some chuckles.
Plus, Paul Rudd would be such a left field and inspired choice. Plus, his personality would work well in the third avengers film. Also him under the helm of Edgar Wright is just genius. Rudd needs to take this role.
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Paul f*cking Rudd!! I cannot see anyone else playing the role now. Just imagining him, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo banter dialogue written by Joss Whedon is to amazing for words.
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He's too good for this crap anyways.
I'd kind of like to see this idea go through with maybe a made up superhero as opposed to Wonder Woman. I think this idea is actually clever and has potential to be pretty funny. I understand the hate on this idea mainly because we live in a time where superhero movies are being taken more seriously and this would be a complete 180, but then again, this has potential to make a pretty funny film as well.
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Plot sounds sh*tty.
@themoviefanatic - He's a fantastic actor.Watch Fruitvale Station or Chronicle or The Wire.
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I feel like he could work in this genre. I don't see him making amazing horror movies but I feel like his style could work for some decent B-grade horror films.
I'll believe it when I see it. Disney has been epically blue balling us for months now so if it doesn't happen, I will not be surprised at all.
Not what I expected at all but whatever.
George gets too much sh*t from all of the Star Wars fans. People seem to forget that he is the person who actually started the franchise as well. He has done a lot of good for the series and people just look at his re-releases and the prequels and automatically label him as "cancerous" to the Star Wars world.