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Because its a must have in my bluray collection!!!!!!!!!!
no aladdin? better be getting the blu ray out soon
the 3d edition og tthe cover i wanted for the dvd, dam it :(
i agree with luxolll here for the best superhero movie ever. Dark Knight is by far the best superhero movie ever. Team MARVEL :)
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i honeslty thought this was gonna be a dinosaur movie until i saw the plot details :P
Movieman12517 wrote a comment about the news item Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailer!
im kinda half and half on this one. Im a major fan of marvel movies but i didnt really like the first ghost rider. its looks a little good but my expectations wont be really high
beacuase me and my friend are going to wait a good 14 hours for the midnight showing!!!!!
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i saw the name M.Night and i instantly thought that this movie will suck
lol ya
please let inception win best picture!!!!!
i should win because i love harry potter and im skipping school to see this movie, have to wait in line for 10 hours to be the first one in line!!!!

"Best Sumeer Movie Of 2009!"
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I should have posted this ages ago. Thanks for the add! :)

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thanks for accepting! hows it going?