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Anyone know where I can get that picture of The Flash as a high resolution wallpaper? Thanks.
I can't say I deserve this prize, but I definitely need the PC, particularly to save me some money this holiday season. Recently, the tower for my desktop computer broke down and since I already have the speakers and the monitor, all I am in desperate need of is a new computer to continue running my home business and to generally make life easier.
Since the first film, I have entered a plethora of contests relating to the Harry Potter phenomenon, and as you'd expect, with all the competition, I had entered to no avail. This would be my first opportunity to have a chance at winning something, although I am at something of a disadvantage because it's difficult to explain why you deserve any award without straying into false modesty, arrogance, and self-entitlement. As I have stated before, I would like to pass on the magic of Harry Potter to my future children, who, I believe, would enjoy the story as much as I have, and naturally, these prizes would be a kind accompaniment. It goes without saying that I have stood in lines, beginning at 6pm, for both film and book releases at 12 am. And yes, Harry Potter has defined my childhood, which will be sealed with the conclusion of the film series, but what I don't tell most people is that I was reluctant to join the fandom at first. I gave up reading the first book because I was frustrated reading the fragmented dialogue delivered by Hagrid. At school, I didn't want to conform and be just another Harry Potter fan. It was low-brow to me. Then my parents actually wanted, even begged me, to go see the first film, and after the screening, I never looked back. I pulled out Sorcerer's Stone from under my bed, quickly made my way through the books, and I have been a loyal fan ever since. That is the power of the film series: its magic literally charms you. Now, I am a proud part of an expanding community of fans, which has allowed me to leave an introverted shell of disapproval with the Harry Potter phenomenon and enter into a vast network of friends with a common interest. I think I might like to teach a college course one day on analyzing the books from a literary standpoint and the films from a cinematic perspective. That is the influence of Harry Potter.
Harry Potter has been an integral part of my childhood which, I feel, will be sealed with the conclusion of this saga. I cannot argue that I deserve these items, but such memorable souvenirs as these would be instrumental in passing the legacy of the Harry Potter phenomenon onto future generations of my family, so that they may enjoy what I have read, watched, studied, and loved.
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As a student of cinema, it would be most prudent to own such a collection particularly for the reputation that precedes it. Of all film anthologies, this is one of few that is rich in detail and provides a comprehensive and step-by-step analysis of the production process for each film. Bonus features notwithstanding, this series is also a cinematic rarity considering its content and genre, and yet, its dedication to story. Beyond mere entertainment value, The Alien Anthology is truly an experience worth owning.
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Reminds me of the Rachel Getting Married trailer. Similar concept as well.
MOVIE MAGE reviewed the movie A Dog Of Flanders

"A heartwarming film layered with all manner of moral and meaning."
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Having grown up reading this series, I hope Zack Snyder does justice to the film and will perhaps continue filming the rest of the books. Classic Zack Snyder slow-motion as usual. The books actually had a strong sense of spirituality about them, in terms of the philosophies and traditions of the owls, and any serious that the trailer stars off with is denigrated by the happy tone which would make this film more child-friendly, and thus, more like Happy Feet. This is a very different story.
Now this man is talented! This sounds like a great opportunity for Scorsese to once again flex those gangster-movie muscles.
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MOVIE MAGE reviewed the movie Shutter Island

"A dark and insidious abstract with razor-sharp edges, much like the Island that this masterful film owes its title to."
YES! My favourite film director! You deserved this years ago Marty. Just like a good bottle of wine, your films get better with age. Keep on directing, we'll always keep watching.
Ha! Lyle the Intern from Letterman Show. Finally, a unique comedy like The Hangover or Austin Powers. This looks like it could be truly good.
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Mage how ya been man? I am sorry I haven't messaged you in a while. Hope you are doing well.
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You'd think the studio would place a director like Scorsese and any film of his as high priority. Not to mention budgeting ahead of time and reserving money for something that is bound to win Oscar gold if he continues his string of hits in this decade alone.
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Whatever happened to Spielberg directing Lincoln with Liam Neeson. I thought it was supposed to come out this year.
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Sounds like you had yourself a good time man. That's good to hear. So, how have ya been spending your vacation?