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hey MB
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My predictions are ready.
Nice list. I'm sure there's alot more to come. haha
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make a list! lol
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I've been good, you?
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Must be that Texas sunshine! You know - I'm not kidding when I say this; you look like I had pictured you. How bizarre is that? All the way down to the cowboy hat! Kinda like Tim McGraw! lol
That's funny TDK... how can you say BOTH were boring if you haven't seen this new one? haha ;)
Glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was ok about 1/3 of the way but then it bored me. And as far as your title for this review.... I HAVE seen both... the original AND this one. The original is boring as well and that is why I was hoping this remake would be great.... but alas... it didn't sit well with me. Sorry.

Nice review though... and again... glad you enjoyed it.
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yo, what up MB?
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Almost forgot - is that you in the avatar??
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Hey sweetie! Just got your post. I'm here at the library where they actually have high speed internet (I don't at home) and so I can look/see/watch your page, and I must say it is cool! I like your Top 10 with the flames. Adds a great visual touch to it! Got your email too; but been sick and not up to being online much lately. I'll answer soon.
Now YOU are nitpicking Vis haha. Fact is annihilating the human race would not be necessary... period. It would take us a pretty freaking long time to "rebuild". If shuttin us down didn't work... THEN and ONLY THEN... do they annihilate us for not learning our lesson. Anyway... I liked the beginning, the premise, and the message they TRIED to get accross... but it was boring. Sorry if you don't agree... its just my take.

But at least I gave the movie a chance unlike my buddy Blaze. You didn't walk out of the movie, did you Blaze?
Oh yea... and another thing... why did the advanced race feel the need to destroy the human race? Why kill the human race if they can render us technologically defenseless? Just shut us down. Turn all of our energy off and we're done. We can't do a damn thing to the planet without all our crap. They didn't have to kill the human race.
Nice Atreus... I'll do one better. Why kill the human race if they can render us technologically defenseless? Just shut us down. Turn all of our energy off and we're done. They didn't have to kill the human race.
VIS.... I DID read your review... and I know YOU weren't bored. Doesn't mean it wasn't boring to many others... including me.

And I knew what was going on... it was explained very well in the film. My question was to Movienerd... not you guys. He's the one that wrote "They don't really explain everything so you really don't know what's going on thus there are a few flaws in the script but nothing major"... not you. I was simply asking him if he REALLY thought that was nothing major.

Buzz... it has nothing to do with being openminded. This had to do with being entertained. It just didn't do it for me.... and MANY others. But every movie will find their audience... even the crappy ones. Believe it or not... there were few (and I do mean FEW) who enjoyed Superhero Movie.... but that doesn't mean its a good movie just because a few enjoyed it.

Glad you guys liked the movie... but its really NOT that good. Just a below average movie (in my opinion)
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I don't really care one way or the other about this. I think the original was a pretty good movie. But a masterpiece??? C'mon guys. The acting wasn't that good and unfortunately Brandon Lee passed away before the movie was finished so they superimposed his face to another actor's body for a few shots. It wasn't a masterpiece.

I really hate the fact that Hollywood is rebooting just about everything in sight, but sometimes its a good thing (not that this is). I bet reboot haters trashed the reboot of Batman and look how that turned out. Maybe some fans wanted a reboot of Batman because of the horrible two previous films (Batman Forever and Batman and Robin), but if that's the case, then you shouldn't bash the remake of Freddy and The Crow. Freddy's last 5 installments pretty much were horrible so its time for a reboot. And the Crow: City of Angels was a disgrace, so why not reboot.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the reboot of Friday the 13th... so lets see how this pans out before we trash the idea. Too many jump on the reboot hating bandwagon way too quickly.
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I think the scenery of Australia was beautiful but that cattle falling off the cliff looked so fake. There were some scenes that looked so obvious CGI. They didn't superimpose very well. If you see it again, you'll see what I mean. But it IS an amazing movie. Not perfect... but amazing.

Nice review.
One question.... You say: "They don't really explain everything so you really don't know what's going on thus there are a few flaws in the script but nothing major."....

Do you really think not knowing what's going on is "nothing major"?

I think the couple of CGI scenes with GORT and the little bugs eating away at the world influenced you to give this movie a better rating than it deserves. Just my opinion. The movie started off interesting until his escape... than it became BOREDOM HELL.

You're right... they could've done much better.
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Hey man, I've got a new review. Check it out. lolz.
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Check out my review of The Day the Earth Stood Still.