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hey man, what the hell happened to you?
wheres ya been?
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Whats been going on MovieBuff
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MovieBuff where did you go? This site needs you back...
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I thought the Dark Knight was a great movie and a better story than Avatar, but Avatar is far greater in the fx department. It IS a marvelous wonder. I personally don't think it deserves the hoopla its getting, but I am just one person and the world has spoken.... and it says it does. Good for Cameron and good for Avatar.

As for those who are proclaiming "wait til Batman 3 comes out and Iron Man 2"... please, get some brains. Its almost impossible to catch lightening twice. Batman 3 will most likely not have the same effect as The Dark Knight but it will make anywhere from 300 - 450 million. Iron Man 2... same thing. NEITHER will capture the lightening like Avatar has.

Congrats to Cameron!
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hows it goin Dan
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yes, well spelling errors are one downfall of quick typing in the morning before school. ha
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hey man. can you get to this profile? if not, try my other one. im doing an expierament. lol
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Hey Uncle Buff!!!!! Thank you for your compliments thankfully she has her mother's good looks but she'l have her Dad's "sharp" wit hahahahahahaha
Yeah i gotta tell ya Buff this is a great felling having her around. I mean sure the late night wake up crys are hard but holding her and realizing that she's mine. man ya jus cant describe it! hahahahaha so as one rookie Father to a veteran Father what can i expect from this Father/Daughter thing?
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hey Buff ol bud hsvent been on in awhile because well..... IM a FATHER!!!!! yup this Monday we had her after 36 hours of Labor an 8 pounds 9 ounces of her! her pics are on my my space if ya wanna check im out later bub!!
Nice review. Film was action packed too... a little lame at the end... but overall, its all adrenalin. And a whole lot more realistic than the Crank and Transporter series. Well... maybe not the premise, but the action is. haha
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hey dude!
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been good my good man. wife is still playin moble escort to little Kairi but from what the doctor told us yesterday she's in position jus needs to be lower. This is the month an were in the final days an i gotta say im as nervious as a dog in a chinese restaurant! hahahaha but seriosly im excited. how were you the last days b4 the big day?
Seen Inglorious which was awsome, nothin else looks realy intrestin cept 4 9. i mean for 9. hahahaha take care bub! :)