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@skywise agreed I don't wish nothing bad on the turtles at all
I got nothing to say about this at all because like @therealGoku said it can go two ways good or bad
@ghostman carry this yo facebook not here
@ghostman Lol I dIdnt Stop me from enjoying it.
@ghostman i know but they never address it I wanted to see him do it. But no that f*cking thing annoyed me
@bawnian-dexeus thanks man
@Zak-Lee-Ferguson its my old humor I need to work on that to
Umm I got ntn to say bout this at all
Now this is what I like to see. But why is Groot the size of a normal human, isn't he like 15 or 25 foot at least like a real tree?
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I saw that coming actually. I mean look at Iron Giant and how that voice style is similar to Groot. All we need is the voice of Rocket Racoon
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@Zak-Lee-Ferguson but I get what you saying dude. I need to quit doing the same thing and level up my style in my reviews. I know this because I've been getting lazy, repetitive, and I force myself to write reviews in the old style. But let's be fair, the Smurf 2 review, Pacific Rim review, and MOS review isn't worst than my previous works as a critic back then when I 1st tried movieweb out. So thanks for the advice, even though it seemed harsh and almost dickish.

Oh and never call me a wannabe geek or nerd again. I know my stuff and you know yours when it comes to comics, anime, manga, film, video games, and cartoons so let's try to respectful and turn into kids like we did in this comment section.
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If he do Kletus I will smile, if he is JJ i will jizz
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@mr-k and again to me it feels dry man
@Zak-Lee-Ferguson that still doesn't answer the question on why his face is completely shaved. Its not time jumps as he Shaved around every week.