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@therealGoku let's not forget them being bulletproof
@jasonkat your words is like poetry
8 and 9 is the only things in this list I do not want 2 see.....F*CK COREY FELDMAN
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"Shell Shocked"
@ObiWanShinobi Quicksilver didn't punch a grown man half-way across the room
@thedude-abides I finally understand the reference in that name
He had a strong sense of comedy and a was powerful force in acting. God bless his soul
Glad we got the final product the rest are creepy as f*ck
Alien invasion would be fun
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Hopefully it'll pull a The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and be surprisingly better than the original.
@therealGoku review
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The art style reminds me of a puppet version of El Tigre!!
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