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@undeadslayer4 Ezio is more loved by some fans and has more stories. Seeing that they want to make this another franchise so its that aspect
@undeadslayer4 If Leonardo is in the movie it's Ezio's movie not Altair's
So they are skipping Altair's story and going straight to Ezio's
As long Melissa Macarthy isn't in it I'll see it honestly
@undeadslayer4 don't most movies burrow elements of other movies
@undeadslayer4 like, share, comment, and share please
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@undeadslayer4 just wait when the trailer happens. The 1st was really impressive
@undeadslayer4 that happened with the Shredder fight when Donnie and Him Bo fight and when Leo and Donnie teamed up against him
@EmmyttWolfe I saw GoTG 19 times
If the story is good and action is equally awesome, I'll see it. I never even knew there was a Saseame Street movie in the works
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Now with her clothes on
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@NickFury you and me botg
My faith in DC movies are restord...Aaand Iiit's Gone!!!!
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Nostalgia lives dudes straight up