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I love you Avengers
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@c-a-r-t-m-a-nF*ck the whole world, I f*ck a niggas bitch
I f*ck the rap game with my fist til' I get sick of this
Spittin' sick, ripping through visions of written syphilis
He slit his wrist to ink all these verses, blood in my penmanship
Hit or miss, bitch I'm batting like I'm on PED's
Niggas want to switch they words like baby boy on BET
Young niggas still cruising we're moving like he's Eazy- E
Easy spitting ether watchem' freak and leak like Petey-P
F*ck everybody, no love for human ecology
I bomb like I'm Islamic for all the sh*t you ain't promise me
F*ck is competition? Nobody poppin' as hot as me
I'm running sh*t, several miles ahead and still ain't stopped to breathe
I don't need no help, my bitches tell me by myself
F*ck with my niggas from OF, don't feel nobody else
Still perfecting my rhymes, you niggas chilling on the shelf
Watching my steps, you like my kid I'll hit you with a belt
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n it is sad and I do mean SAD when your picking on random dudes for having. There is no point on telling you to calm down or calm your saggy grandma t*ts because I come to realize that you sir is a sad excuse for a internet troll my good sir Your the Toiletnator of MW. I'm glad unlike you that I grew up from getting into fights unlike you who continue to call people p*ssys or c*nts for having a opinion. If you want to fight, see me in real life I'm Orlando bound youngin
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n this comes from the man who not only arguing with others about saying "we" instead if "I" or whatever a child like you is arguing about but threatened me 4 years about something and tried to get his friends to troll me!?!? Again call your man t*ts and quit arguing about pointless sh*t you twat

@undeadslayer4 thanks for dragging me into this
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n calm your man t*ts and quit being a troll
@undeadslayer4 Pulp Fiction reference and Scarlett Johansson
A righteous man next to righteous p*ssy
Please let this not be like the Deadpool video game where randomly had X-Men characters for no reasons
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O'Brien for the win!!!
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The f*ck are you smoking Dan Akyrod
I said this movie will do well if Melissa MacCarthy isnt in it.....My faith in this movie now is Gone with th wind
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F*ck this movie!!!
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@undeadslayer4 the reason is because most people isn't instrested in these kinda movies. They are interested on tge sh*t on Bayhem level of entertainment
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