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:So I was right, Chris Prat character is a Dino tamer
Where was them when Team America was being released
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Because F*CK YOU I'M IRONMAN!!!!!
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F*ck Avengers this sounds better!!!
Dylan O'Brein would make a good replacement. I love Garfield's portrayl of Spidey, but if Marvel gets the rights back (and it is VERY likely) and they still want to give Garfield the boot. O'Brein is a good choice
Sony Marvel is offering to save your Franchise but your being selfish and making less awesome with your try hard attitude....Sony just stop
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Please no Melssa MacCarthy
I hope Garfield can still be Peter Parker/Spider-Man he was the perfect actor for the role
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@undeadslayer4 Nope....I mean they might had a few draw backs with Cars2 and Monster University. But their getting better
@undeadslayer4 gotta have faith. The last film could've been EPIC but it had problems that annoyed the audience
@PhillipGroucho I really can't stand MacCarthy...she is like SUPER annoying with her humor.
Yes..nuff said
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I'd rather have her than f*cking Melissa MacCarthy
Shut up Sony
@thedude1 I abide to that