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Yeah, I know. It does run smoother on my computer, though. So I'm kinda divided. lol. What's been going on with you? Seen anything new lately?
I havent been on here in a while. I see theyre ntryin to make it look more
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The definitive doc*mentary of The King of Rock n Roll. I love this movie, I grew up on it. Great personal footage as well as all the concert & tv apperances. Nicely done with Ronnie McDowell narrating through the movie in the Kings voice. CLASSIC !!!!!!!
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This BLOWS , Yes I do agree bout Iron Man Breaking this record as weell. But I frown at the fact a gay-ass Sparkle Vamp flick will beat the BEST Batman adaptation at the box office.
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Whats new moleman? Still rocking that legendary avatar I see. Keep it going. I got a review up for The Men Who Stare at Goats if you're interested. Talk to ya later.
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haha u know it!! ur welcome
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Let me start with a big f*cking WOW for that avatar. My lord, I have never seen something so f*cking hilarious. Aside from the legend that is Hoff, it has been a while. I've just been going to school and sh*t. Seeing a bunch of movies. Whats up with you these days?
Looks VERY promising !!!! I HOPE it'll deliver !!!!!
WAKE UP DEX !!!!! Ur slippin !!!!!
Oh my, looks preety good. Hope it is, & Robert Englund better have a cameo !!! I WILL SEE this when it first comes out BABY !!!!!!!
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I don't have alot going on right now except work.There dosen't seem like there is alot of traffic on this site anymore compared to maybe 3 months ago especially in the "Review" section. I'm looking forward to this time of year because of the weather changing to fall and football season with PSU and Philly Eagles.What's been happening on your end? Any movies worth seeing?
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Yeah, everyone is having trouble with Cryptkeeper's main profile. He's created a secondary account for stuff since no one, not even himself, can get on his page anymore. If you scroll down in my comments you'll find it, and then you can add it. :)

Anyway, I'm heading to bed man. Hope you like my re-VAMPing of the page. Get it?! Lmfao... How punny of me.
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Hell yeah! I saw that movie in theaters. It was hilarious, and the KISS references were great. I also liked in Rob Zombie's "Halloween" how Michael was a KISS fan. That was great. And then! In Rob Zombie's "Halloween II," Laurie is wearing an Ace Frehley shirt during one of the scenes! That's absolutely epic! LMFAO!!!!!
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Tom Cruise delivered an epic performance. That's cool about your Mom, but hilarious at the same time. lmfao. Glad you're enjoying my profile stuff. It's been that way forever... So I'm redoing everything now. XD
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F*CKIN SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im SOO THERE !!!!!
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Dude, I'm a HUGE KISS fan! They've been my all time favorite band since I was like eight. Ever since I can remember I've listened to them. I can't f*cking wait for "Sonic Boom" to hit stores on October 6th (the day before my birthday, I might add!). It's the first new material in eleven years. From the song "Modern Day Delilah," which is on my KISS-player now, it's going to be epic, and it'll sound like their older stuff.

Not a lot been new. How about you?