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mlb1988 posted in the forum: Trailers before movies
One to three previews will do not 9 or 10. I don't want to sit in the theaters for too much longer than I have too.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: 2003 Razzies
I think I like the Razzies a lot better than all these American awards. I got to take a look at their site. Thanks!!
Did anyone see "SWEPT AWAY"? Madonna was the worst performance in a move.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Superman Returns
I heard that they were gonna drop this project for a new SUPERMAN. Does anyone know if this is true or not?
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Commericals Before Movies
These commercials are annoying!! I hate them!! I wish they never started it!! I mean, If I wanted to see commercials, I would stay at home and what movies on network TV.

I suggest that people get up during the commercials and hang out in the lobby and bug the workers. The manager might have someone forward the reel to where the movie is suppose to start.
How come TTT is not getting enough attention from Hollywood? This is a great movie with good actors?!
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Shanghai Knights
I didn't watch this movie nor the 1st one. I was just wondering if Knights was better than Noon.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Shanghai Knights
Did you see the other one? Shanghai Noon? I didn't see it. Was it better than this one? Shanghai Knights?
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Trailers before movies
There are too many dang on previews when I go see movies now!!! Just too many!! I am waiting for a movie to start and I'm sitting in the theater counting the number preveiws that comes before the movie starts. This weekend I counted 9 previews in one movie that I went to see on Saturday. There was 6 previews for a movie on Sunday.

Why can't they just show 1 to 3 movie previews and start the damn movie?!! The theaters use to do that long time ago. Now, they show previews for movies that's not gonna be release til SUMMER or FALL. I can look on the 'Net to see what's coming up in Summer or Fall. Show preveiws of movies coming up in March and April and not show damn many of them!! I went to the theater to see the movie not 15 - 20 minutes of previews. That burns me! It makes me lose my patient with these movie theaters.

Plus, matinee prices have gone up. Most of the movies that are out now are not worth the time or money to waste. For a lot of them, I'll wait 5 to 8 months til the movie comes out on DVD and rent it.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Darkness Falls
When she had a close up, you can see her nose moving when she talked. Did anyone notice that?
I was scared of Gollum!! How the hell can I pity him?!! You saw the end where he with his split personality was planning on taking that ring. He is gonna get someone to kill his master and "that fat hobbit". Remember? If it was me, I'll put a collar on him with a long leech. After he tried to kill me, I wouldn't trust Gollum as far as I could spit!!

How did you put that quote in you post? I don't know how that is done?
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Darkness Falls
That is neat, Brian, that you got to go to the red carpet premiere!! Did all of the stars show up? Did you notice some mistakes as I did?

I have little hope of seeing a good horror film in future. I just don't know. I think the last good one (or close to good) I've seen of late was "GHOST SHIP" My sister saw this flick and thought that it was good. It's rare that she finds any horror flicks these days "Good". She loves a really good horror flick like you and me. It is very rare! We like "13 GHOST" when it came out on DVD. In the theater, it didn't have the story of the Ghosts" It left me asking questions about the ghosts and how they became ghosts. We had to wait til the DVD come out to see the story of the 13 ghosts. I think the story of the ghosts scared me more than the whole movie did.

I think that today's horror films are for today's teens who havn't seen enough horror films of the '70's and '80's. CGIs wasn't used back then. :evil:
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Darkness Falls
Brian, you did a great review of the movie "DARKNESS FALLS" As you usually do!! I saw this at an advanced movie screening and I wasn't excited about it.

You know, I too wonder what happened to horror flicks now a days. I've seen so many horror films in my life that I hardly get scared at the new stuff that's out. The JASON, Friday, the 13th thing is more of a comedy then the horror now. Mad men chasing people with a machette don't work. Alien creatures don't work. Weak, formulated horror stories are boring. For Darkness Falls, it was just so. I found myself trying to look for mistakes in the movie.

When the boy told his mother that someone was in his room, the mother is gonna walk in without turning on the lights. I knew right then that she was gonna get it! Some people in the theater was jumping at that scene. Big deal. I don't go into a room during the night without turning on lights unless I'm trying not to wake anybody up.

That scene where Kyle is driving out of Darkness Falls with the lawyer, they crashed into a tree and Kyle was thrown out of the car through the windsheild was a mistake. He landed too close to the car. I guess so that he could be in the head lights. He landed on his back and didn't reappear to be hurt. There was no shards of glass on him or nothing. I didn't see much glass on the pavement. There were other things that I noticed too but I don't want to spoil it for people who really want to watch this movie.

DARKNESS FALL reminded me of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Darkness Fall is another horror flick with the same old story of some monster coming back to life after being executed to get revenge on a small town. Oh, what scare!! :evil:
I thought that it was just me that was grossed out by Gollum!! Some people felt sorry for the creature.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Did anyone know that producers are making a TV series out of this movie? I saw it while watch network TV. I forget what channel it was on. It's gonna be called "My Big Fat Greek Life". I never saw the movie. But it is all of that?!! :?: Is it good enough to be a successful TV series?
I finally saw this movie on Monday and I loved it!! Well... Except for that creature Gollum. I was grossed out every time he came on. Eyes that will give me nightmares for many of nights and his spine sticking up from out of his back. He scared me more than the ORCS did. I will see this movie again before long. When "The Two Towers" come out on DVD, I'll probably watch it a lot and I would press the forward button on the Gollum scenes. This creature just gives me the creeps!!
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Chicago
What the hell are you?!
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Chicago
I don't know what it is, but I seem to be the only one who don't like this movie!! Am I??!
I do like the dancing and some of the singing. :? I didn't think that Gere could sing. He can't, by the way. At first, I didn't think that it was his voice. Zeta-Jones was ok. I remember once that she was a dancer. She was good at the dancing not too much good on the singing. Zellweger got on my nerves. She has a bad voice for singing. The lip synching wasn't good I did like Queen Latifa in this flick. John Reilly plays the same kind of character he did in "THE GOOD GIRL"
I am a woman and I am getting sick of seeing other women's beHINDs turn up all the time in these movies!! Some of the dance scenes had this. Sick, sick, sick of it!!
The last song and dance of the movie was with Zeta-Jones and Zellweger. They didn't sound well together. In fact, they sounded very bad! Dance was ok.
I can see this movie being nominated for best costumes but nothing else!
Music from around the world. On the soundtrack, it has songs in French, 1 regge song, a song on it from the Middle East. You can hear beats from different cultures on this soundtrack. The French Vocalist Charles Aznavour has one song on the CD. His music was featured in the "THE TRUTH ABOUT CHARLIE" movie. He was in the movie singing a couple of his love songs.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Superman Returns
I hope that it is only a rumor!! Why would anyone want him to play the part of of Superman! Eminem can play a thug trying to rob a bank or something. :roll:


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