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mlb1988 posted in the forum: Commericals Before Movies
I seem to be seeing more and more of these damn commercials every time I go watch a movie. It started off with one or two. Last week, there were 5 when I went to see CONFIDENCE. I was getting ticked off. :evil:
mlb1988 posted in the forum: X2: Xmen United
I really enjoy this one!! It is twice better than the first one. Jackman really bulked up for this one. I had read in an article that he wanted to be really buffed this time round because of what he heard fans say about his build in "X-Men". He looked gooooooodd!!
They gave Halle Berry a better looking wig this time. They put in a lot more humor in this one. I liked it!!

I do have a question though. When Magneto was in the plastic jail cell, he took irons from that guard. The irons broke though the plastic like it was glass. Does plastic shatters like that when objects are thrown at it? Someone tell me this. Maybe I got mixed up!
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Bulletproof monk
Hey, Chad!

I saw BULLETPROOF MONK at a movie screening on Monday. My view is it is no good. I didn't like it. Here's the story from what I understand.

An ancient secret scroll in a Buddish temple somewhere in China is protected by one special monk. Whoever protects the scroll and knows it's secrets will stay young and
healthy until it is passed on to another person. It heels the one who has it and knows it codes and secrets. There is one person who knows about this ancient scroll and wants to possess it and it's powers. Chow Yun-Fat plays a monk with no name (he gave up his name during a training) who has his turn in protect the scroll and pass it on to the next person. That next person is Kar (Seann Williams Scott).

A Nazi troop invades the Buddish temple to steal the scroll in 1943. The leader, Striker, tries to kill the monk with no name to get the scroll. Striker got the monk trapped on the edge of a cliff. He shots the monk with his Luger. The bullet goes through him and hurts him but he heals quickly. With no where else to go, the monk takes a backwards leap off the cliff. Then they go into present time. The Monk still looks the same and he is carrying the scroll around with him. He is being chased by men who look like the Secret Service. They are working for a man who wants the scroll. The Monk runs into Kar in the NYC subway train system. Kar is a thief, a pickpocket and has a job on the side at a Chiness movie theater. They both get into trouble together.

I don't want to say too much more just in case you do want to see this horrible movie. All the fight scenes are copies of THE MATIX and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON. It's got too many makes in this. I know a movie is bad when I start noticing mistakes in it!!
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Maybe I just got too old?
I don't know, Brian. I just got that feeling that Lucas will redo the Originals. Or make new
Episode 4, 5 & 6.

The Special Eddition was not bad. It is still the original with a few extra scenes and more special effects!! I still have the original STAR WARS on VHS. I'm thinking about getting the Special Eddition on DVD.

What Lucas messed up on was making Episodes I & II. Episode III will suck too!! I hated that he did these Episodes. It would have been better if Lucas went forward with the STAR WAR episodes than to go backwards with those stupid Pre-Quals!! :x
The acting was terrible, hardly a storyline, and the story didn't fit in with Episode IV, V & VII!! That Ja Ja Binks got on my ever lasting nerves!! :x I hated that awful creature!!
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Maybe I just got too old?
I hear that the guy who played Dark Varder in Star Wars 4,5 & 6 wants to play the same roll in Star Wars Episode 3. What's his name? David Prows? The man's got to be hitting 70 for sure!!

I have a strange feeling that George Lucus is gonna remake Epidsodes 4, 5, and 6 over again and it won't be as good as the original was and still is.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: The Ring
I thought that THE RING was a bit scary. That scene where that creepy girl come out of well and out from the TV screen tripped me out! I loved how the makers did that scene.

I saw this movie in theater with a sister and she wasn't scared at all. She seen so many horror flicks that nothing scares her anymore. The horror flicks of today are for younger people who havn't seen enough horrors in their lives so, anything would be scary to them.

I was in a theater with teens watching FEARDOTCOM. A lot of them screamed and was all scared. To me, it was silly. Too damn silly!! Same with DARKNESS FALLS.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Animatrix
I saw this Animatrix after a screening of DREAMCATCHERS. I like the short expect for the beginning scene. I mean, the sword fight was good until they started with the slit and strip routine. I could do w/o that!! The story was very good. Will they make a movie out this short? It would be great if they did.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: TAKEN
I remember seeing this mini series on SCI-FI. I thought that it was good. I wish that SCI-FI would put it back on again. While watching it, it reminded me of the mini series "V".
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Phonebooth
This is one intense movie. I havn't seen a movie this intense in a long time! :D I was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering when the sniper was gonna take out that irrogant Stu Shepard. In a way I wanted him to do it and in another I wanted him speared. Wow, this is great movie!! I think that Farrell and Sutherland should win some award for this movie. I can't see them doing this movie w/o Sutherland's voice. I hope that the judges do not miss them.

In real life, I don't see people answering a ring on public phones. People just walk by it or ignor it. Then there are those kids who play around with the phones to make them ring some how or other. For this movie, they just have to have this one man answer the ringing in this phonebooth that will no longer be at that spot after the day. If anyone remembers the opening narration about this one phonebooth on the corner of this street and that street in NYC.

I live in the Washington, DC metro area and I can see why they didn't release this film in November of last year during the sniper case in the area. We all had to watch our backs (not that it would help) when we went out. We still went about our daily lives but people were terrified!! I know I was. I had to wait at bus stops for Metro buses every day and night.

The review by Chad Law is so right and right on target. Chad is right about director Joel Schumacher too! Great review, Mr. Law!!
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Bend It Like Beckham Review.
That was a great reveiw of BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM REVIEW by Carl.

Our American football is appropreiately named because that "egg shaped piece of leather" is kicked (punts, kick-offs and field goals) and it is a FOOT long. There are lots on soccer fans in my area of Washington, DC where people go to RFK Stadium to see the DC United play. I'm not one of those fans though. I can't get into soccer. American Football is great!! In fact, a few of the DC United players join us for the screening of the movie.

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM is a good and enjoyable story. Both of the mothers tripped me out in this movie. They were funny and they told their daughters what the deal was. The Indian mother wanted Jess to learn to cook and marry. The English mother wanted Jules to be feminine and get a boyfriend. She thought that her daughter was a lesbo. And that crack about Sporty Sp*ce of the Sp*ce Girls really cracked me up!! I did hate the little love triangle between the friends and their male coach. Each girl had to find thier own way to make themselves happy no matter what their parents thought.

Carl, what do you mean when you wrote that you wish the makers would come up with a new way to have kids oppose their parents? What do you have in mind?
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Ghost Ship!
Thank you, Brian. Will you be reviewing the DVD when it comes out? I would like to know about the extras before buying it. My sister is gonna flip when I tell her that "GHOST SHIP" will come out late this month. She really likes this movie!
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Ghost Ship!
Does anyone know when this GHOST SHIP is coming to DVD?
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Cradle 2 The Grave
Cypher, what are you talking about?!! RUSH HOUR 2 was great!! A Good funny action film!!

CRADEL 2 THE GRAVE was terrible. I never seen someone looks so bored in a film than Jet Li. He looked as if he was bored out of his mind. He seem to me as if he was doing this film as a favor. DMX (Dark Man X, Earl Simmons) still can't act and this is his 3rd movie. I had thought that he would improve a little bit. The only emotion that DMX can show that looks real is anger. The story of this was very weak! At the screening that I went to, the audience showed their disgust at the end when the bad guy got out of that crashed burning helicopter unscratched. Did anyone notice that?!! The man didn't have a burn mark on him and his clothes was clean and fresh. How can anyone not notice that?!! Did they think that audience wouldn't notice that!! :roll:
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Final Destination 2
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Commericals Before Movies
I agree. That is a waste of time and money. Maybe do up a petition against these commercials.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Final Destination 2
What is BTW?
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Final Destination 2
That ending was funny. I wish that they didn't do it that way. Image your son getting blown to bits and his arm lands right in front of you. People were laughing at that scene but it was kind of creepy.

By that boy being saved from his "FINAL DESTINATION" that first time, it started the cycle all over again. If you remember the look on the main girl's face, you just know that another cycle of death is coming soon. They will come out with another one. Wait and see.
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Daredevil
How can you both miss those bruises on Murdocks back?! In the bedroom scene, they showed his back when he was holding Electra to his chest, there were no bruises when they should have been.

I do love comic book heros on the big screen. Daredevil just reminded me of all the other superheros that are a lot better than him. They all had theme songs too!! :lol:
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Daredevil
Brian, just finished reading your review. It was a great review but I have to disagree with you on the entertainment part. This didn't entertain me all that much. Three stars was too many for this movie.

The day and nights scenes sets looked like it came from Batman and Spiderman. I kept thinking that Batman was gonna show up on the scene instead of Daredevil. I know that another Daredevil is coming.

What was the deal with the little fight scene with Murdock and Electra? What was the use for that? They did all that crap just so he can find out her damn name?! That was useless. You see Murdock taking a shower with all kinds of bruses on his back but in the bedroom scene, the bruses on gone. Now, what is that?! He sleeps in a big water tank to keep from hearing a bunch noise but he sleeps easily with Electra.

Daredevil didn't have a theme song. A superhero has to have a theme song, right? Even that damn shark has a theme song!! The soundtrack to the movie wasn't too bad. Another thing. Daredevil had his mask taken off 3 times. Some superhero! :!:
mlb1988 posted in the forum: Final Destination 2
I went in expecting the faith of all the players in "FINAL DESTINATION 2". I didn't know or couldn't predict how each was going to die. Just when I thought the character was gonna die one way they end up going out another way. Some of the horror scenes was predictable and typical. This sequel is more grosome than the first one.
I did like this movie though. The ending was a set up for a 3rd "FINAL DESTINATION" I hope that they don't keep going on with this movie. It's gonna become stale like "FRIDAY, THE 13th" flicks.


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