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hmm I think grandson would be more believable

or the money, @cvntstop
I think the fact that it was deleted so quickly tells you everything you need to know about its authenticity
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what could possibly go wrong?
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that's the weakest billionaire home i have ever seen
oh god, no
after 'Chinese Titanic' tested poorly, the studio finally settled on 'The Crossing'
really JR isn't available for Hansel & Turdball 2? Shocker. I just imagine him mouthing "I'm not here" to his agent every time the studio calls about that one
20 years, and JP maintenance staff still hasn't fixed that sign?
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believe when you say he has fought many intergalactic battles. But, could you also say he has fought many battles in the streets of Hell's Kitchen as well? This director has nothing to do with the Avengers movies, so the choice not to use Daredevil has nothing to do with him. This guy's vision is the Hell's Kitchen parts of DD comics.

All things have been connected in the MU beginning with Incredible Hulk, whether it be movies (IM, Thor, Cap, Avengers) or television (Agents of Shield, soon to be DD). Has it occurred to you that maybe this is the way of Marvel introducing DD to the MCU and saving time and production costs by starting off with a smaller idea instead of some big expensive blow out that may crowd the landscape? And if it hits, introducing the character/actor into the bigger Marvel movies? Who knows, if it ends up being really good, the DD show may even get cameos from MU's bigger stars (just look at the star power on a Netflix show like House of Cards, not to mention they are all under contract).

Its no secret that the DD movie didn't do so hot, and although it wasn't Marvel's fault, the character essentially bombed. But this could be the way to get DD back, build a strong base with the three big heros and reintroduce him with their own take. Let it grow organically and not just shove him in there just to have him there. There would be no continuity errors because this is the first time Marvel is taking a crack at DD, so they can make whatever reason they want as to why he wasn't fighting in NY. My guess would be that the Avengers program was top secret, so a lawyer in Hell's Kitchen (along with most normal citizens in the Avengers movie) would have no idea they existed until after NY. And they didn't really announce that they would be fighting aliens in NY it just kind of happened. You have the DD season where he fights an make a name for himself, then all you need is Samuel L Jackson to make a cameo and say they are looking for more Avengers, and you got your DD
@ObiWanShinobi That's not what he's saying at all. He is saying that those characters in this particular show will not be having intergalactic battles. The scope of the show is going to focus on Hell's Kitchen and the immediate surrounding area
I think sure peter jackson covered skull island pretty thoroughly, no?
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that's why we don't have nice things, Detroit
@shuabert i was thinking the same thing. don't they keep talking about how they are going to pass the torch to bucky?
a force ghost?! do you want this movie to suck? maybe in a flashback at the very most!
is it going to be as good as hansel and gretel witch hunters?
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another found footage movie. great
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can this even be considered a reboot?


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