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Hope you have a Great weekend.
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Just getting an early start. Hope u have a good one. Stay safe.

Haven't heard from ya in awhile. Hope everything is ok. Been Busy?
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Hope you have a good one! / HotFreeLayouts
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sorry i haven't gotten back to ya. Been awhile since i've checked my site. About ur question (who would win between michael and jason) that's a tough one since neither one of them ever die. It would be an interesting fight though. but I think Michael would win. Anyways do u have a myspace? it's usually the only way i can keep up with people. check mine out talk to ya later.
MixedMe87 wrote a comment about the news item Halo Is Back on at Fox
I can agree with these others on live action. If thats the case tho, the movie producers need to take out the actors voices and keep the originals from the games. I promise you all, live action or not if the movie producers don't keep the same voices through and through the movie they spent millions or more on won't mean crap. NO one wants to see this movie with actors voices, but from the one's that started it from the games!
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""A hero always has the biggest dillemas""
MixedMe87 reviewed the movie 300

MixedMe87 reviewed the movie Gladiator

"" I am son a of ROME!!""
MixedMe87 reviewed the movie American Gangster

""Who do you think you are?""
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I've been good. A lil busy so i haven't been able to see American gangsta, but i hear it's good. as far as SAW4 goes, they should rename it. Something like Blood and guts. cause that's all it is, but hey i still saw it.
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Waz up? hit me up sometime
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Hey how's it going? I am a HUGE 300 fan!!! The "then we'll fight in the shade" line is one of my favorites.
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wAtZ uP?
MixedMe87 wrote a comment about the news item Halo Is Back on at Fox
If this movie does not have the character voices from the video; ex: Master Chief, and Cortana and the others, this movie is not going to be worth wasteing time or money on. So movie producers, get those voices from the video game, or your millions and billions will be worth nada in the end. And no one will want to see your movie.
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