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Well of course he's dead... who survives a broken neck? I don't know why there was any question as to whether he were still alive in the first place.
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Was it you who had a video up on A-J's comment section the other day? Of the interrogation room scene? If so, where's that at now?
get past the politics Hollywood and just release the damn film!
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reminds me of something you'd find in a Tool cd booklet. Agreed... time to put Saw behind and give us a fresh new horror series.
Depp is great but he's played so many quirky characters already... what was so great about the Joker is we didn't see Heath as Joker we just saw the Joker. Depp plays riddler that's what we are going to see, Depp as the Riddler. I'd like to see Nolan dip into the talent pool and pull out some new talent, or someone not as established. Depp is extremely talented but he's not the only one.
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whats good thanks for the add
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love the new avatar dude.. (CLAPS)
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Are you back on this site?
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He'll be back, especially after he gets a load of me, lol ;) It's all part of the plan!
agreed..... why must hollywood always make changes to the original storyline and settings? I knew it was only a matter of time before they got to Voltron.. I only pray that some justice will be done.
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you need to get back on
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Nice setup you got here man, you really taking this joker thing seriously huh. Good stuff
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Thanks for the websight!Whats up?
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Its been a while whats up?
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Thanks for telling. You did a great job on the make up and all. I've been thinking about being "The Joker" for this halloween. I've already found a few sites that sell the smile scars.
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hey whats going on?
so my brother from another mother!!
so what have you been doing?
nice review.... Dark Knight kicked ass! Btw, I couldn't find a place on your page to add a comment.... to answer your question, yes that is me, I did the make-up as well, even took the pics, lol. It's a one man show. Oh, and all the Joker messages/art too..... temporarily have some pics down, will be putting them up again. I'll also have my myspace page up and running again soon... there I have alot more pics, art, and my regular headshots. I'll do my best to keep you in the loop. Best regards, Joker2010