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Well, from the look on my face I'm sure you all already know what my thoughts would be. Naturally we'd all like see Nolan carry on his Batman story as original intended. The Joker character is an essential part of that storyline and I believe he can be recast. This is no reflection on what Heath did with the character. That is one incredible performance that we as fans will never quite shake. But, that doesn't mean there isn't someone out there who can't capture the spirit and madness of the Joker, the look as well as the voice without it being a blatant impersonation of Heath's performance. As far as the story I trust Nolan & team will be able to work things out, all he needs is an "ace in the whole" who can step up to the plate and carry Joker character in a seamless fashion. Get a glimpse at one possibility @:
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I should have posted this ages ago. Thanks for the add! :)
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Whats up man?This is the first time in a while that i've got on here.Hope everything is well?
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Whats up I have not spoke to you in awhile
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Hey man. Long time no talk. Wassup? Oh and the Joker is right, that knobie dude is a douche. lol.
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havent heard from ya in awhile. could use your help on here with a douche who thinks everything about the dark knight was crap. i doing pretty good against but he deserves to get hit from all angles