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Unfortunately, you can't delete your profile from the site. Why? I do not know. It's kind of stupid.
The OCD in me has a great idea. There is nothing more annoying than when you can hear a song in your head and can even sing half of it but can't remember the title or who sings it. Much to my dismay, I recently discovered (now that I'm taking a motion picture developement class at my local community college) that this problem applies to movies as well. This seems to be a cool place to find lots of people who watch lots of movies. Ah, problem solved!!! Where there are people who watch lots of movies there is bound to be at least one of them somewhere who can help with the "I loved this movie but I can't remember the name" syndrome!!! With every "Oh yeah, I remember that one..." or "I think you might be talking about..." the world becomes a better place! Lets get started with this thing by checking out my post on the "what did you watch this week?" forum and seeing if someone can help me find this one particular movie I've been looking for cuz it's gonna bug the crap out of me til I find it!!! Thanks!
Anyone know of any good sources (besides IMDb) where you can look for movies based on plots and whatnot? The only reason I joined this site is I figured if anyone could help me think of the name of a movie I can't remember... someone here would!!!
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I saw the new movie sunshine cleaners and it reminded me of this movie I saw a long time ago. I can't remember much about it except one scene in particular of a woman cleaning up blood. I think I remember something along the lines of that she worked with the police cleaning up crime scenes and got so intreged with this one case or decided she wanted to help the police try to solve the murder after that so she went back on her own pretending she forgot something there and the killer had gone back to the house and caught her snooping then started going after her. Or something like that!!! It's driving me nuts cuz I remember the one scene so vividly but can't remember anything else about the movie! can anyone help?


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