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Thank god he didn't direct Star Wars they have jj
I can't wait great show and actor
Rip god bless
It's going to extremely difficult to replace him great actor
Thank god if only if they can get the rights of Spiderman from sony.
looks great
tom never stops working
perfect choice
Just copy marvel
that is a very racist thing to say i want to see i am black and not ghetto it's just a movie hey a tone of black people loved hang over ghetto has nothing to do with it
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item Star Trek 2 to Get IMAX 3D Release
i just hope that they don't rip people off and not give us the blu ray with the i max scenes like the did with mission inpossible 4 no i max scenes that really sucked
yeah baby greatest comic book movie ever
yeah baby greatest comic movie ever
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item Kick-Ass 2 Moves Forward with Matthew Vaughn
bring it on
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item Prometheus Origins Featurette
i hope they make it to earth so they can make another movie this looks great
can't wait love the die hard movies
thank he's ok
yeah baby great job i happy ILM got to do the special effects instesd of weta
the movie was an a to me heck i have seen peolple on here hate on the dark knight i love the both of them but i can tell you as a whole marvel is kicking dc butt they got bat man and that's it
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item The Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Passes Away at Age 47
rip mca


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