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This great news if it is true
ben do your thing f*ck the haters
Stupid stupid i don't no why this man has so many haters,greag actor and director
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item Ben Affleck Is Batman in Man of Steel 2!
Ben has got better and better as an actor and has proven a lot of people wrong he was great in Argo looking forward to him playing batman
How do figure this franchise is going down when the first two movies were excellent and got great reviews
Yes thank god they got JJ Abrams all his movies have been awsome
Man remember the I am legend poster with super vs batman
i agree with almost everything except the name of the film.
I can't wait
He changes mine every other month I wouldn't much into what he says
They want rush it hopefully they aren't going to catch marvel, but they can compete if they don't rush.
Wow great car show it transforming
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item Liam Neeson Confirmed to Return for Taken 3!
I was thinking the same thing please no more taken movies
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item Sci-Fi Writer Richard Matheson Passes Away at Age 87
God bless rip
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item Mark Strong Wanted as Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2!
They have a great director and writer man of steel was excellent
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item James Gandolfini Passes Away at Age 51
Oh no one of my favorite actors of all time rip
I am black I think it is hilarious it's just comedy it looks very funny to me they use alot white jokes about white people all the time in black movies all the time and white people don't get mad
It will exceed 700 million I am going to see it 2 more times word of mouth will get it there everyone I know loved it.
It was fantastic to me hell almost every movie is cgi heavy avengers. Included what do u expect.
Man of steel is nothing like superman returns,man of steel was excellent the best reboot of all time


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