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even though i didn't like gi joe i am always honest i asked people what they thought of the movie and 98% of the people i asked like it alot of critics and nerdy people like some of us just don't get it most people don't watch movies the way we do they don't look for storys special effects acting none that. Like always say most people loved transformers 2 my self included there the reason it's almost at 400 million domestically in 42 days ji joe i hope does well at the box-office even though i didn't like it if it does than it was a great movie and my opinion and few wine tasting critics don't matter it's the fans who are spending the money that matters
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it will be a hard sell without tom cruise as the main character but if they cast a great actor like a christian bale or hugh jackman that might work
the acting in was horrible and the part of all a sudden the gi joe 's attack this under water city its never explained how this city came about and it was a few flash backs that didn't need to be in the movie some of the special effects wre bad some was ok and chad had a hard time selling to the audience that he was a tough guy just think of the parts that christian bale has played he can sale a tough guy we had midnight showing of it we get to hear the crowds reaction and some where saying the action was good alot said it was horrible some said it was ok they put arguably the w 2 worst actors in hollywood together and they killed the movie marlon and chad
i've just got trough watching ji joe tonight at work and it was horrible and chad and marlon were annoying through out the whole movie me and about 30 out 50 of my co workers thought it was garbage most people will able to probably agnore the cheesy parts of this and it's alot of it that this is the worst movie i've seen this year come on district 9 save us from this crap
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don't do iit please leave it alone
no it doesn't it looks like there running on skates this movie want be up for any special effects awards not before transformers star trek terminator harry potter all done by ilm the only movies that could beat these out is up and district 9 and maybe avatar not this hot garbage i guarantee
i agree with cocaboo the special effects looks like playstation 2 and from the movie clips i've seen the acting is b movie type material with the money they spent 150 million they should have gotten industrial light and imagine to do the special effects look at transformers 2 harry potter star trek and the new terminator movie iron man has a suit just land it doesn't look animated like this does
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zack is a great director and could become 1 of the greatest can't wait to see this movie
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most complete comic book movie ever if you ever read the comic book this movie has the same lines
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i agree with cb junior james cameron is is 1 of the directors of all time to me michael bay just past him for 3rd place for most grossing director george lucas and spielberg 1 and 2 when james cameron focuses he's a genius the reason you haven't heard from is because he's been working on this movie for 10 years
the special effects looks like playstation 2 industrial light imagine has set the bar way to high look at iron man it doesn't look animated like this does
first and foremost there's no comparison when comes to blu ray and dvd blu ray is much superior in picture and sound quality but paramount is dead wrong for doing this corporate idiot 's decide this and there going to cause ther self's alot of money people will start to go to other means to get these movies the same day as blu ray more will start buying illegal copys just get to the move they want and not switch over to blu ray because they afford it
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yes your right its not going to flop all this franchise does is gross tons of money and plus they love pirates of the caribbeans more than us americans. these movies are amazing on blu ray the theater doesn't do them justice imax include
i agree with draklyr move to a new villain
i hate that this movie got leaked and lost all kinds of money the movie was ok i just wish they would have stuck to the comic but i'm still going to pick it up on blu ray
This movie looks awful idustrial light and magic has set the bar so high when comes to special effects just look at the transformers movies on megatron you can see the rust spots and the welding and you can see every gear in jet fire and this year they also did the star trek special effects and terminator and and harry potter also those kids on those broom sticks looks so realistic and look at iron which they have done also they had done a real suit and animated you can't tell the difference but gi joe 's special effects look like playstation 2 they
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can't wait to see it robert downey j.r is a great actor
mikehd wrote a comment about the news item SDCC 2009: Grid VFX Video from TRON Legacy!
this looks excellent i remember the original great job
megan is so fine it herts
hey idiot transformers revenge of fallen has made 375 million in 30 days almost 800 million world wide just want to rubb it in on a hater


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